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I think its a good effort. Khusur madar vs dhamad in quetta Does it express the emotional, religious, financial, cultural feelings of the people? One of the best hazaragi drama bewafa dost By Ameeri Production. Funny hazaragi drama by Juma Khan Shikari title: Asef ali on January 26, at 5: New hazaragi drama ladies tailor vs customer before eid by hazara boys of quetta, Subscribe hazara tv network for more. I request all the Hazara Nation especially the Hazaras from oversees to help and support the talents of the nation so that they could strp forward and perform more brilliantly and boldly.

Khastgari Australia wa local farq she ame asta. Hazara should work and preserve their cultural heritage regardless of the location where they leave. I donot know why Hazara people living out are self concious , why the only think about themselves,,, what happened if HDA released this drama in English LAnguage not in Hazaragi Language. I wish he had read it thoroughly before making such statements. This site uses cookies. The purpose of describing the brief history of English language is only to let all those hardcore pseudo brains know that no language is produced in the scientific laboratory because it is always a diverse group of dialects in the beginning, which get tuned into a beautiful language by the passage of time with the support of the local speakers who later on sketch the picture of the sound of the language on the paper to create writing. Any way very nice.

I personally believe Hazaragi language is going to be a comprehensive language very soon and why its not yet a complete language is because Hazaras have never paid attention towards their language particularly in Quetta where our language has been mixed with all the other local language that we quetya even have them back in Afghanistan. Hats off to the meritorious effort of these singularly brilliant fraternity. As you know, that there are also some naive Hazaras who are angry on those who are getting Hazaragi language recognized in Australia.


Do we really know whether it existed year before as a formal language?

Hazaragi Drama Love in Quetta | Music Jinni

Do people understand it properly? Its really good that our people is doin something gud well done boyz hey someone plz let me know how can i watch this movie in Australia thanks.

Short hazaragi funny drama by juma khan shikari. Hazaragi Drama Who is Hussain Jannat? Please take it as a joke quetat do not disrespect anyone’s feelings and views. Ye, I do quettx Hazaragi, hoever as you said, it needs lots lots of hard working and establishing its grammar and literary work and tune it up.

Khusur madar vs dhamad in quetta Hazara News Pakistan provides the latest news and updates about the Hazara qauma living in Pakistan.

Latif on September 5, at Subscribe for more hazaragi dramas. K on you people. This site uses cookies.

New short hazaragi drama regarding educational conference, held by HSF. Hazaragi Drama Awladi Bay Sar part 4 ramzan ali 4 meses.

Is Hazaragi a Dialect or a Language?

Mirza Hussain Hazara Shot and Edited by: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Funny hazaragi drama by Juma Khan Shikari title: Teaching English language for the last 12 years including six years in UK colleges has now pushed me into the matter to convey some serious messages than absurd hazarragi. Bamyan must establish again through the help of Hazaras all around the world starting from inside the country,people from Quetta,Karachi,Iran and all around the world by encouraging International Communities.


Long live Hazara civilisation Ahmad Australia. Who can deny the valuable literary works of Shaheed Hussain Ali Yousafi who wrote several Hazaragi dramas and Hazaragi proverb book for Hazaras? One of the causes are that you may want to drma release it in foreign countries, but that is not the case, because the enlgish language hazarahi here has so densely Pakistani accent.

Thank you very much. He is said to have individually injected new words into English language. Its called making a fool of yourself.

crama Syed Muzaffar Sarwari SInger: Fill in your details below or iin an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. It is true that Hazaragi writing is something new for some Hazaras therefore, it takes time to digest properly. Hasan from Australia on August 21, at 5: Does it express the emotional, religious, financial, cultural feelings of the people? Does it have any writing scripts?

For any kind of info, u can email me.

Mirza Hussain Hazara Drwma. The Drama Association has appealed to affluent Hazara tribesmen to contribute financially in favour of. Its release is pending due to financial jazaragi of HDA. When someone told a child to say lie. Manzoor Hussain on Electricity Project in Hazara….

Because practically every single word used is Farsi. Well done HDA team. Subscribe my channel for more videos. Script of the film has been edited by Professor Nazir Hussain. I do appreciate the efforts of HDA for their splended efforts.