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This book is a bitch slap in the face reminder that some of these horrors that you will read happen in the world around you, and will make you nauseous and shift around in your seat from discomfort. Looking at it as what it essentially is; a collection of short stories, it’s really no better or worse than any other short story collection, and actually should get extra points for its brazen audacity. For example, in all three cases of sexual trauma, the parents are aware of the erotic nature of their son’s accidents, but never discuss them afterwards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This book is dynamic. Yet fun to read, a vomitrous tale well told. View all 18 comments. He used the funds raised to start a war on religion.

There are some queasy moments and I have a very stong stomach. Thumectomys, nightmare boxes, crab lice and Sasquatch cycles…yep. I’m always floored when an author serves up something genuinely different. In the meantime, they will have enough food and water to survive, as well as heat, electricity, bedrooms, bathrooms, and a clothes washing and drying machine provided. I feel like I started off with his best novel and it’s played a huge factor in my opinion of his work over the past If you are the kind of person that likes a story that is different and strange, this is it. The stories themselves are mostly really good, but as presented it feels like Chuck cleaned out a file named “Novel Ideas” and threw them into this stew instead of developing them individually. My favorite is Exodus by far, followed by Speaking Bitterness, Mrs.

Without supernatural monsters or magic. I love Haunted because it’s like a modern and disturbing Canterbury Tales.

Beating a retreat

You can’t ignore the little boy who’s trying to wipe his boogers on you, and when his parents have finally collared him, with anger and gag relex fully suppressed you have to admit the whole thing was actually pretty funny. This book is incredibly uneven, that’s its downfall. Cguck the cold takes its grip, as food and fresh water run out and the toilets become unusable, as the characters begin to harm each other and damage the building, one by one they come forward palahniukk tell their stories.

She comes to the retreat to escape the people who want to kill her. Are the homeless really just bored millionaires out slumming?


Aug 26, Paul Bryant rated it did not like it Shelves: Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. According to Palahniuk, the first two tales came from his friends’ experiences and the third he heard while shadowing sexual addiction support groups as research for Choke. This novel is not a book I would recommend lightly. And don’t take Palahniuk’s pretentious tale of Saint Gut-Free’s story making people pass out at face value.

Sure, it was pretty weird and disturbing, but I’ve heard and seen worse. After she and her husband witness a crime leading to the murder of a wealthy Brazilian heiress, her husband is murdered by the killers, and a string of homeless people are murdered in the search for her.

And oh, the activities!

Don’t read this book! Thus he is “Gut-Free”. View all 72 comments. I decided to read this book because I read in a group comment that it was the weirdest thing they’ve ever read. You might just love it to death.

Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk

The stories typically seem to go nowhere or are outlandish just to be outlandish which may be Palahniuk’s style. For example, in all three cases of sexual trauma, the parents are aware of the erotic nature of their son’s accidents, but never discuss them afterwards.

In the first story, an adolescent boy inserts a Vaseline-lubricated carrot into his rectum to stimulate his prostatethen, in haste, stashes it in a pile of laundry when he is called to dinner. The style is the book, and it is a substantial constituent of the appalling events that are described throughout the novel. Believing he will suffer the same fate as the man he killed, he has come to the retreat to escape his employers. The buzz about Fight Club synopsjs Chuck Palahniuk’s new collection of linked short stories, Hauntedis the type that will either scare you off immediately or palauniuk you scratching at bookshop doors to get in the minute the book comes out.

Like his characters, Palahniuk sometimes chuuck to be operating under the presumption that he can never sink too low, or vomit up too much.

And of chhuck I mean that in the best way possible.


I’m nearing the end of this book. The reason you don’t want to tell them is that you want to share the hanted. Plus, they all suck, not to mention some are gross, just for the sake of being gross. Didn’t feel like I missed anything. My friend Jim and I also took great pleasure in reading that story aloud to oblivious victims.

They are led to believe that here they will leave behind all the distractions of ‘real life’ that are keeping them from creating the masterpiece that is in them. Dec 17, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it really liked it Shelves: They are led to believe that here they will leave behind all the distractions of ‘real life’ that are kee Haunted is a novel made up of stories: Palaahniuk is it possible that this book can be all of those things?

Norman Josie, I had a similar reaction against this book. Diary and the non-fiction guide to Portland, Fugitives and Refugeeswere released in The parallels seem deliberate. The stories are all basically gross for the sake of being gross with little to no redeeming value.

View all 6 comments. Supplemental Material The Guts Effect. Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk Goodreads Author. Club reviewed the novel soon after its release giving it a positive review, stating ” If you want to read his best: Here’s hoping he’s wrong, for everyone’s sake.

People have fainted Don’t be fooled, I may have chosen 5 stars for this novel, but not because I loved paalahniuk. Almost none haunnted them is named, but they are stereotyped with a label: These give a different perspective and act as an interlude as you shift from one story to the next but without leaving sight of the first if that makes sense Which you quickly realise something different again.

Haunted Book Summary and Study Guide. Don’t feel like there’s something to get if the stories you read left you confused.