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Lee Redmond has a beautiful wife, a healthy baby girl, and just won his first title as a heavyweight kickboxer. Will Tom find a way to clear his name before he’s locked up for life? After breaking into her property, Madonna must find a way to escape from her fanatic before it’s too late. The two are only acquaintances but Ryan soon becomes obsessed with her. At first, she thinks nothing of it, but before long, she’s getting dozens of hang-up calls every day. Celebrity stalkers are in the news almost every day, usually after getting arrested hopping the fence at some young starlet’s home. In a bizarre twist of fate, though, will true justice ever be served?

Don’t worry; the joke was on him. They forced Kunta Kinte to say ‘Toby. Experts provide critical fire safety advice after deadly Imlay City… Westland man accused of fleeing scene of Detroit crash that left passenger dead Garden City police seeking hit-and-run driver who fled scene after… Woman struck in temple by foul ball at Comerica Park in still… Marijuana products recalled in Detroit, Vassar. One famous case of celebrity stalking occurred when a woman named Genevieve Sabourin was arrested for stalking Alec Baldwin. This page was last edited on 11 February , at Several videotapes’ worth of footage of Lopez sharing his deranged thoughts during every stage of his plan, including his final violent act, was found at the scene. They filed a lawsuit against those previous, blood-promising owners — who, as it turns out, had received a “Watcher” letter of their own before the sale closed, a horrifying amenity they failed to disclose to prospective buyers. You know who still listens to the radio?

It is not long, though, until the honeymoon is over.

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He’s dragged this fiasco out for more than ten years, far surpassing the number of years he actually spent harassing Williams through more traditional means. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. Donna Eskew calls off her romance with Glen Johnson after he tries to take it to the next level.


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Bob Krueger and his wife Kathleen are devastated when Bob loses a close race for a U. When he goes off the harvetfe, Sandi finds herself at the mercy of a vicious sadist, and she is in willias the fight of a lifetime. Episodes cover a wide range of stories. Or someone did, at least, and that it was him probably wasn’t too many spots ahead on the conclusion mat, if that’s the one a person wanted to jump to.

Vicki struggles to escape his controlling grasp in this small town nightmare. Don’t Be Tardy, Season 7. Sounds like Sam Riddle coached him on that one. This guy in South Africa just happened upon them randomly while searching for an identity to steal. Uncomfortable, Mary tries to distance herself but Jane won’t be stopped.

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There were severaleach one creepier than the one that came before. She eventually finds new love with Jack, but his jealous tendencies soon rise to the surface. He went to prison for his crime, and in a perfect world, that would be the end of the story. Robin is a friendly waitress who catches the eye of a handsome customer. Jones went to extreme means, and his stalking led to aggravated assault.

Being a victim of stalking herself, Michelle Ward has studied predatory criminals and the judicial system harveette over ten years. How was that supposed to work?

wllliams There was but one solution But with no stalking laws in Scotland, she’s at his mercy. And little does she know that Ryan will stalk her for the next ten years. He also called her dozens of times a day, as every stalker training manual since the dawn of the telephone era has instructed.


This episode stars Jovanni Ortiz.

This episode is based on year-old Kaitlyn Sudberry’s first dating relationship that ended in the worst imaginable way. For the next 17 years, Shawn stalks her relentlessly and nothing harvettte stop him- not expulsion from school or even jail. Tom’s obsession for the Kruegers leads him to move in right across the street so he can watch their every move.

Fortunately, the bomb was intercepted by police, who were tipped off to Lopez’s plans after a maintenance worker investigating a strange smell found the crazed fan in his apartment, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. It will show lawmakers overwhelming williaams in getting this kind of legislation passed, and passed quickly. She is responsible for writing and pushing legislation requiring convicted stalkers to wear GPS tethers for up to two years after their release from prison.

Michelle Ward as she journeys to find out what happens when a fan’s admiration turns into a sick obsession.

Victim leads effort to create Michigan stalker registry

He’s kind of like the stalker version of a cop who gets injured in the line of duty in such a way that he’s forced to resign himself to a lifetime of soulless desk work. When “Mary” moves to a wulliams DC suburb she finds a new best friend in her next-door neighbor Jane. I agree to the Terms of Service.

Now, more than just Rachel’s life is at stake.