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The inlays are perfect and centered. The hardware is OK, the tuners are smoother than I expected for the price and seem to work fairly well. I really, really love these guitars. Do you already have an account? Es ist wie mit Automatik Getriebe. It’s somewhat paradoxical that we subject these instruments to amazing scrutiny throwing decades of not only playing experience at them but modding experience as well.

All of the above is either what I expected or better, below is for Thomman to focus on. Trigger Module Perfect for hybrid drumming, 30 Integrated sounds, 30 User samples, 15 Kits, 2 Integrated footswitches for triggering sounds, kit changes and mute, Settings for each trigger input: This edited review takes me to the bottom line: It still looks fantastic and it makes mine unique I hope! Right off the bat this guitar looks fantastic! So don’t let the basswood dissuade you from buying it.

Right off the bat this guitar looks fantastic! Up for sale Harley Benton. So I got the Harley today, and I have spent an hour with it with a critical eye and ear and here’s harleh review of it for now. But it plays very well, just a bit differently.

Not a pressing issue but nevertheless. The bridge and tail piece look as one would expect, not the best but they work.

But that could have more to do with the nut, I really don’t know. But, if it plays great and sounds great, then that is the most important thing. My experience has been no different. Electric Guitar Vintage Series Body: The “blackwood” fretboard is nicer than I expected, the box said Pau Ferrau but I am certain it is the advertised blackwood. Add to wish list. Any idiot who would bash this on any level would not be a worthy collaborator.

The frets are fine, well seated and finished. Feedback Found an error or want to give us feedback about this page? With a beautiful amber finish.

The table is in two parts on mine but the body is in 4 parts. The “blackwood” fretboard is nicer than I expected, the box said Pau Ferrau but I am certain it is the advertised blackwood.


Harley Benton SC-450 P90 GT Classic Series

The binding has been trimmed bneton to be flush with the top of harleg fret board resulting in a very rough looking surface. Online Experts Guitar Setups The range of available guitars and amps has never been greater than it is today, and a huge variety of sounds are easily accessible.

The finish is great, very smooth, no blemishes although came with a few finger prints on it, perhaps QC forgot to polish it again after checking it over. The pickups are surprisingly nice sounding for such a cheap guitar. In terms of construction it’s not bad with only a couple of bits of glue evident beneath the finish and these again are not really visible unless you are super picky and really looking for them.

The range of available guitars and amps has never been greater than it is today, and a huge variety of sounds are easily accessible.

Harley Benton SC-450Plus VB Vintage Series

The tuners hold really well, short of any extreme weather change, but when playing ive had no issue with any string going out of tune on bends and whatnot, i use ECruzFeb 17, The neck is very comfortable and it has a rosewood fingerboard. That can happen on big brands as well and for that you have the return and warranty. It was a real guitar that sounds in his hands. No customer has written a text about this; or they have written a text in a different language.

Personally, it was a test without believing and I do not regret my purchase. I’ll do the cons first. Slight imbalance of the instrument to the body due to the weight of mahogany. Looks good but there’s absolutely no way I’d be able to live with that top as off center as it is.

Mahogany, but what subspecies, hard to say.

My L is kind of clowny, but it’s a really well made, nice playing, and nice sounding axe. Frets are curious, round, not vintage thin but not wide either. As a company, we have a single objective: You will find few bad reviews on this guitar. A bit of fine filing for a few minutes fixed it, QC should have spotted and resolved that before it seri to the customer.


Will be sorry to see it go,but i just have to many guitars. The price is absurdly low.

Harley Benton SCPlus VB Vintage Series – Thomann UK

The rear, mahogany part of the body, on mine at least seems to be made up of 3 pieces but you would be hard pressed to find the seams, the grain has been very nicely matched. I have read many good reviews on this guitar and I just hope that Thomann will keep the standard with the new stock to come.

If this guitar keeps rocking until the three years warranty period is fulfilled, I will feel like I made the best guitar deal in my entire life with this purchase.

Mar 24, Messages: In the cut-away there seems to be some overlap of lacquer that has not been scraped.

Thomann is the largest online and mail order retailer for musical instruments, light and sound equipment worldwide, having about 10m customers in countries and 80, products on vlntage. Neck has a scarf joint, no complaints here.

It sounds very correctly. It is enjoyable to play. The only weak point is the Mecas, they l-450lpus but they still hold good agreement.

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Ich habe diese identische 7 – Saiter vor kurzem von einem Stuttgarter Musikproduzenten. For the price I’m looking to but another done with HBs in order to customize it. They go from clean and articulate to growly and aggressive when overdriven. Headstock looks better live than in pictures. Yes, I like scarf joints and you should too.