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There is plenty of sadness in this book, but I didn’t find it as depressing as the previous one. Like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, poor Brad Bolitar never makes it onto the stage – and I doubt Tom Stoppard is going to help him out. Suzze wants Bolitar to find her wayward husband because he has disappeared. Myron and his only brother, Brad, had a falling out years earlier that centered on Kitty and the two brothers have not seen or spoken to each other for over fifteen years. Needless to say he makes the mundane amazing, the funny funnier and the viewpoint and characters are just too spot o I believe it was around this time last year I wrote about another Harlan Coben novel and it turned out that it was one of my top picks of the year. I look forward to seeing you, Paulette! I guess this must also be the start of Number 10 in the series and the last for a while until the new one comes out. Myron’s brother Brad dies in Live Wire but is alive in Home??

Hearing about your time with your dad—the bike rides, etc. But I still read it all – and preferred it to the recent Stay Close – because I have an emotional attachment to the characters and because even recycled familiar humour has its appeal. I do love me some Myron and Win…especially Win. Suzze has received an anonymous Facebook message regarding her unborn child, 2 words, Not His, meaning Lex. Mar 27, Giovanni Gelati rated it it was amazing. Get a grip man, go back to being fun like you were in the start of the series! Can we see him? Gone too were all his old trophies and awards from his playing days–his NCAA championship rings, his Parade All-American certificates, his College Player of the Year award–with one exception.

She went from Lindsay Lohan to Carol Brady in four-point-five seconds. This is the latest in Harlan Coben’s Myron Bolitar series. When Suzze walks into his office, eight months pregnant and in tears, he immediately agrees to track down her missing husband and find the source of the Facebook rumour that her baby was not fathered by Lex.

Ted Lehmann’s Bluegrass, Books, and Brainstorms: Live Wire by Harlan Coben – Book Review

Facebook Twitter Instagram Bloglovin. May 04, LJ rated it really liked it Shelves: The friends shrugged and entered. Started out a little hard to follow because it moved a little fast, but then during the middle things started making more sense.


Did you know you can shop directly on Amazon by clicking the Amazon Banner on our blog? One and a half star. Shelter Seconds Away Found Cleavage stuck out his thumb, umpire-style. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

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Now he lives in secluded mansion. Their dresses were skimpy enough for a citation, but really, that was nothing new. One of the things I like about the Bolitar series is that the characters evolve.

The ugliest truth, a friend once told Myron, is still better than the prettiest of lies. Before long, Myron realizes that his two investigations are linked and as he pursues them, he antagonizes some very dangerous people. Myron approached with his best Win-like swagger. She wants to know who raised that issue. He grabbed a cab on Central Park West. Win travels halan a prison and sees Frank Ache, who reveals that Wire was heavily in debt to his brother, Herman.

View all 5 comments. The Dakota dates back to and it looks it. She’s eight months pregnant, which kind of ruins the fantasy. He must also wrestle with some very hard questions about jarlan obligations we owe to those we love, and all of this will ultimately circle back to his father’s hospital bedside.

The implication is that Gabriel Wire, the other half of HorsePower, might be the father. Myron stared down at his father’s forearm.

We should treasure the most wonderful times of our life and we should tell people that they were that moment to us for the moment doesn’t last forever and life doesn’t last forever. Over the years we have watched Myron walk a tight ro 1 New York Times bestselling author Harlan Coben proves once again that “nobody writes them better” livd a thriller that asks a provocative question: Is a pretty lie better than the ugly truth?

Book Review: Harlan Coben’s LIVE WIRE

Myron’s mother–Al Bolitar’s wife for the past forty-three years–sat next to the bed. He’d gotten livee about a month ago, and though Myron would have said it was impossible, they made Win look even more haughty and stuck-up.


Then he bit back the tears and prepared to tell his father one final lie. Over the years we have watched Myron walk a tight rope between sports agent, friend, problem solver and private eye, his big heart quick to defend his client’s interests so fiercely that he can’t help but jump in to save them, no matter the cost.

There are some coincidences that are just a bit too amazing and some scenes that are just a bit too far over the top to be taken even remotely seriously. His father’s unshaven face had gray splotches instead of his customary five o’clock wite, the skin around his chin loose, sagging down like a cloak one size too big.

There was a velvet rope, of course, signaling their lower status, and it was guarded by three steroid-stuffed bouncers with shaved heads and practiced scowls.


Like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, poor Brad Bolitar never makes it onto the stage – and I doubt Tom Stoppard is going to help him out. Gone were the posters of Broadway plays and Batman memorabilia.

You may find yourself inclined to muse while reading on the nature of friendship, or celebrity, or the cognitive structure of fandom…. Other books in the series. Then it steadily became more and more unputdownable and galloped to livd very satisfying conclusion. For once, I am happy cobwn I occasionally suffer from insomnia. Oh, they’ll be around forever. Since becoming a mother, Esperanza, former all-night, bisexual party girl, never went out late anymore.

Reply Donna March 13, at Mar 27, Giovanni Gelati rated it it was amazing. As the series has gone synnopsis, the books have gotten longer without necessarily getting better.