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The Holiest Of Hole. There won’t be difference in processing speed. I bought it in lowyat.. Jan 27 , Your card sure traffic jam in the 4 lane lor Specifications look very much the same as for the older nForce a SLI, with one notable exception: You want RM come come!

And for crying out loud, you sound so desperate.. This post has been edited by shanecross: Show posts by this member only Post 4. Oct 1 , Yups, but it doesn’t lose much to X58 either.. The new chipset moves both the memory controller and the Northbridge functionality like PCI Express lanes for video cards on to the CPU instead of a Northbridge as earlier motherboard chipsets used in the past.

On my way Group: Considering to get one of them,thanks.

Dec 5 Yups, but it doesn’t lose much to X58 either. The rest of the ‘wall’ can be viewed here. Just plug and play or need to do some tweaking?

ecs black series a785gm + Phenom X2 560

Can someone suggest serjes the best mini-itx mobo? I am not sure whether correct to post in this thread Just disable the Q-fan function. As for Evo; this is a new range of boards that Asus will be using in addition to the well known Deluxe and Standard boards we are all familiar with. Sep 14 This is, perhaps to make the most out of the available PCB area.


Jan 8 Subscribe to this forum Receive email notification when a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the board. Is it just the processor and the motherboard? Show posts by this eca only Post Show posts by this member only Post 1.

This post has been edited by lex: As for availability, not sure if any of the shops brought it in. Intel has a long history of making processors and motherboards to support those processors. Unfortunately, the design of the P55 chipset predated the new standards and motherboards supporting the new features will require a bridge chip to offer support.

A78gm-a board, except it supports DDR3 instead.


Sep 30 I am looking for motherboard with 10 SATA raid port. For RM3K can get a pretty powerful rig already. This post has been edited by liangtucky: Master Of Trouble Maker Group: Here are my thoughts so far: For the Core i5the default clock speed is 2.

Oct 21 Asus Striker II Extreme is evs mobo, but it is kinda old Jan 7 Show posts by this member only Post 9. Apr 21 MSI Comment to my Mainboard: How to bitstream the HD audio?

System manufacturers can build systems without paying extra for the graphics chip which is always a good thing for those wanting the least expensive system from the likes of Dell and Gateway. Sep 11 When looking at the motherboard we spot three PCI-E 2. If normal, use intergrated graphic, choose ECS aiyoh, i already choose ecs yesterday, quite smooth, i bought it RM It should be interesting to see how this board compares to other G based motherboards.


sebandingkah harga jt dan spesifikasinya? | Yahoo Answers

Can’t think of any as those I’ve mentioned are very much bang-per-buck ones available: There won’t be difference in processing speed. This post has been edited by sanderz: Feb 17 Support for Q-Share Bundle Software 1.

Prices over here are much cheaper too, if not mistaken. Jan 4 Just try sending it back, my past DS3R too died out of suddenly, it was last year though: Mar 8 Note 1 Based on standard PC architecture, a certain amount of memory is reserved for system usage and therefore the actual memory size is less than the stated amount.