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Retrieved 25 December Mahidevran and Khadija went to Mustapha to tell him about Nigars presence, so he will decide upon Nigars fate. Hurrem advances to Gulfam and requests her with which right does she forbid her coming to the room. Pargali Ibrahim Young 14 episodes, He only saw her once from far. Bergam Agha requested an audience with Hurrem so she is accompanied with her servants and Firuze. Cariye 18 6 episodes, Emre Erilmez

As the order of Sultan Ibrahim Captain of the army, the writer is perplexed by this but continues on. Ibrahim asks Rustem Agha about Ahmed. Allah has given us a task to protect those people and as we act upon their safety we deserve their love of appreciation. Khedr says 90 ships will be enough but it shall have all the equipment. Zeliha 2 episodes, He says he knows, also it needs a strong hand to open it up. Firuze is taking her dinner with Suleiman.

The door closes behind them and he tells Siltan that the plan to free Nigar has failed. Efsun Hatun 15 episodes, Elif Atakan Firuze asks to make a few changes to the outfit, Mirimah asking her where she was yesterday when she asked for her.

Sehzade Mustafa 24 episodes, Hurrem is upset since Hatice stays now also against her and there will be no divorce. While Hatice Sultan is on her way to her brother Sultan Suleiman emperor of the Ottoman Empire to make her plea for divorcing her still husband and Grand Vizier to the Sultan, Ibrahim Pasha because he cheated on epixode for several years with one of the employees of the harem court Sseason, who also is now pregnant.

Cafer Aga Yardimcisi 1 episode, The Sultan believes that Mustafa has betrayed him when he sees his son’s seal on the letter and decides to execute Mustafa, ordering him to join him on his campaign eeason Safavid Persia.


Firuze has a moment alone with Kiraz Agha she asks but he interrupts her and says that it was the only way to protect her. Yahya 1 episode, He asks for water.

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He sits on the stones and watches until she realizes him there. Cariye nareem 7 episodes, Ikizler 1 1 episode, Suleiman accuses him that the one he is complaining about is the prime minister and whatever was his reason he should also take his share of responsibility and dismisses him. Bali Bey’s Brother 2 episodes, Vural Yayan Tahmasp I 12 episodes, Saadet Aksoy Of course Gulsha goes straight to Hurrem and tells her what she knows.

Is this the way how you take care of the treasury hareemm Sultan Suleiman.

Episode Summary Guide Hareem Al Sultan Season 3 Episode 68 (Muhtesem Yuzyil) and ongoing summaries

Hatice Sultan episodes, Meryem Uzerli Khedr says from the situation, Ibrahim knows what he is doing. She leaves the room her heart beating fast. She is one of the girls that they found on their way to the old castle and have been brought to Topkapi. Islander Shalabi goes to Ibrahims tent to get behind the story of it. Elci Laski 2 episodes, Cariye 4 13 episodes, How can you accuse me of stealing and being a low of respect.

Mirimah asks Firuze to accompany her to visit her mother. He tells Khedr to prepare for sulan journey to Tunisia. Cariye 7 4 episodes, Fransiz Elci 1 episode, Cariye 15 1 episode, This is how she came to the palace, so what else could this be called if not destiny.

Sunbul brings bad news to Hurrem as he heard that Ms Afife is preparing for a private party for the Sultan. And the truth that you want to forget will be your death. Of course Sunbul pretends his innocence that he found her that way and was taking her to the nursing home.


That Sultan Suleiman has invited Captain Khedr to his throne and will appoint him Commander of the sea. Upon the request of Ibrahim Tashli Yehia has gone to his tent. Bas Kardinal 5 episodes, Ates Taha Akyol Cansu Dere helps another prisoner slave girl called Sophia to escape, she played to be terribly ill by not being able to breath and always coughing, so they reached the top floor deck.

Daye Hatun 73 episodes, Fatih Al Firuze standing on the upper floor asks who this woman is, she receives the answer that this woman is Nigar a former servant and held position of the treasury master. He tells her his name is Ibrahim and he lives with his family on a small farm. Sister of defne sultan 1 episode, Mustapha is on a hunting trip since two seasoj he is trying to catch the seasoj deer but it fails again,cause the laughs of two girls passing interrupt his concentration.

She thought her dead. There a tradesman bought her.

Nigar is taken to a quiet room she should reside there until the situation quiets down. Gracia Mendes Nasi 6 episodes, Celalzade 7 epizode, Canan Uzun