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March 26, I use format factory. April 5, 2: I just hope it will work. Akhirnya ga usah nyipit2 in mata pas nonton di tivi haha. August 13, 8: Hello there and thank you so much for your tutorial! How to apply color correction using the Gradie

You now want to browse to the subtitler. Is it a problem with the sub file? This site uses cookies. January 15, 4: Cuma saya pas proses dubbing-nya yg agak error. May 10,

Hi, when i click video, then compression. Hard encoding subs means re-encoding and both XviD and DivX are lossy codecs so you are going to loose quality everytime that you re-compress. To finish hardcoidng go to File and select Save As.

Coba kamu download dan install ulang virtualdub ny. Yes, you can also watch the video with the subtitle.

How to add permanent subtitle to a video with virtualdubmod – VideoHelp Forum

April 4, 3: Try to use any video converter. February 8, 7: My Chinese subtitles are finally hardcoded successfully to my AVI file!


January 29, 9: Maybe re-installing the virtualdub by re-downloading it? Ekjaksa 2 years ago. Rolf von Menden 5 years ago. But I seem to be having a problem with my virtualdub.

It also has a very user-friendly interface. I use free software AviRecomp 1.

Do you know how I can fix this? All times are GMT And make doube sub on the movie. November 28, Psychic 11 years ago. How can I use only. July 12, 9: This is just good and never been better than ever!

Nah apa ada cara supaya bisa nempel juga subnya kayak di avi? I find it so complicated, i captured the video itself and converted it. I tried with format factory and succeed. Do you know if there is any other software that can hardsub subtitle?

Hi, I got all the way up to adding subtext as a filter, but my filter box comes up empty. April 4, 4: Open the srt, sub textsmi, ssa subtitle.

Subtitle Edit Help – Add subtitles to video

I also use any video converter. Gabriela 4 years ago. The time now is I just went through the comments and found a same problem. To minimise the quality loss encode at a low harcoding quant, although that may push the bitrate too high for the player.


KaYaN 6 years ago. HAL 3 years ago.

Subtitle Edit Help – Add subtitles to video

It helped put togethor a CC to sub project that I started 11 months ago. The text box that should hold the subtitle file name is blank.

It also means that the result will be larger than the source. I need to take it a step further, however. Hello, I am having the same problem as u had. Akhirnya ga usah nyipit2 uisng mata pas nonton di tivi haha.