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Authorities in North Idaho took on the investigation and were able to track down the owner of that missing digit. I seen this video earlier today it’s was worth a second look.: That looked like a damn good time! That brown you shot in the pipe was SO fat. Lobster Hunting with Susie – Fail. We’ve been needing a thread like this! You could waste your entire day if you start this post on Baja adventures over land and sea.

Loved the sound syncs of the dolphin surfacing as well. Have you ever wanted to stick your head inside a shark’s mouth? The Full Moon Party. Texas Wahoo Hunt – YouTube. For clarification – this video is not of me. Passion meets technology in the search for downed aircraft in the South Pacific. The truth is that the sharks seen in this picture are black-tip reef sharks, which are very mellow creatures. Do you essentially shoot it in freespool as well, while using the brake feature?

So we thought we all needed a little of this. Pc freedivingdan mushrooms morel morchella survival survivalfood nature friends bucketlist deliciousfood wildfood butter harborhouselife discoveryourself.

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Despite concerns of conservationists, NOAA determines that predators in northeastern Pacific, including California, are not at risk of extinction. I had to modify the crap out of mine to shoot that way.

How’d you get the embedded version of my video to show up? Photo by Dan Silveira spearfishing monsterfish wickedtuna sporasub bluewaterspearfishing omeramerica oceankayak sharksheild. In high summer they are pretty deep I haven’t seen any below 75′ in months. For us, Big Sur is the perfect combination of adventure and beauty. You let her upload your video on her youTube channel, people vote during the month of April, and the submission deadline is March Very beautiful and peaceful to be near one of those.


10 Rules of Spearfishing with Sharks in Tuamotos

Underwater Adventure in Bali Indonesia. Swimming On The Hot Side. Really interesting song too. My first sour taste came when old boy put on a new digitech riffe wetsuit that still had the small piece of replacement patch material enclosed with wetsuits in his hood.

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Photo by freedivingdan discoveryourself harborhouselife bucketlist sushi prawns spotprawns wilderness wildfood foraging fishing fishinggirl travel travelfood food lamiglas. Although it should be: I rarely find myself watching a video over min long without fast forwarding through it but I watched every second of this Here is a clip from the day. Friends share stories of diving beneath the ice. The Tuamotu archipelago is considered the ‘Mecca’ of diving around the world with the biggest inner lagoons and an endless list of tropical fishes, coral gardens and amaxing ‘big’ species such as manta rays, tuna, dolphins, napoleons, lemon sharks etc.

In this episode, the team fly to a nice remote part of Baja, where the water is unspoiled, filled with sea life, and nature still rules to go spearfishing for price groupers.

Thomas in the Caribbean to investigate invasive species like zebra mussels and lionfish and how they affect the ecosystems into which they have been introduced. Sincerely, Jim I bet that ling saw the brown on your stringer and came up for a look!!!

Cool video [except for the part where he’s getting into the break with a loaded gun at 25 seconds into the video]. And you guessed it, that is the most common way that spearfishers get injured by sharks! In the incredible video shot last week, Boca Raton angler Viktor Hluben blindly reels in the monster in Broward County after a minute fight.


They like cold water, so if you are near an upwelling or it’s just a time of year when the water is freezing you may run into one shallower, otherwise they are well below thermocline.

See more of their story and adventures in the sailing portal.

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For anyone who missed my thread, I put together a video from harboe summer in the keys. What is college bass fishing? Wasn’t happy with what my last computer turned out footage wise. A lot of her subscribers seem to be Italian but emails I have received from her were in English.

The good thing is my 2 year old son loves watching this thread too, which gives me hope My buddy managed to shoot and land one tuna.

Freediving in the kelp forests of California has to be one of the best destinations in the world!

Sincerely, Jim Hey man in the first video why did you have and throw rocks out of your kayak? Ginger Baywatch to the rescue!

Ideally, there should be no sharks within sight when you swim down to shoot fish, in particular for Gray Reef Sharks, which are considered aggressive and unpredictable. Wow, them digging a grouper out of a hole at Naja of my surfcasting and kayak fishing year. TJ That’s a great video and great edit.