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However, when I clicked on an episode it would shows up not subbed. The single episode ratings are as follows: Republic of China Taiwan. Quan iver hears Rui xi talking to Yu Ci Lang Quan’s dog about her personal life and Quan hears about it and starts to like her. December 19, at 1: During a friendly soccer match between the two, Rui Xi gets knocks unconscious and so Quan aids by taking her to the school’s doctor, Mei Tian. As Quan grabs Rui Xi to carry her to the sick bay, he also discovers that she is in fact a girl.

I love this drama says: May 25, at Quan would end up suffering a knee injury from the incident, and would pull out of high jumping for the next two years. March 10, at 8: Rui Xi’s became instantly harder after she received a letter from he half brother saying that he is coming the next day. He is gay and is the school health official. Inspired by his jumps, Rui Xi decides that she wants to meet her idol and therefore transfers to Ying Kai University which he attends in Taiwan. He has a superficial altercation with Quan, but casts it aside to assist him in times of trouble.

She too knows Rei Xie’s secret, and helps to offer a girl’s perspective on the situation. She comes from America and speaks with sporadic English when she visits. February 2, at 2: The official English name is an alternate romanization of the original episodf title.

Quan’s dog whom he rescued from being taken away by the local animal control.


As Quan grabs Rui Xi to carry her to the sick bay, he also discovers that she is in fact a girl. I love this drama englisg Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. For the Japanese manga, see Hana-Kimi.

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He kimjtachihe a cynical and girlish student. Retrieved March 19, Yang Yang has a crush on him. Republic of China Taiwan. Rui Ci often goes to the gay doctor’s office for life advice since they both know about her secret.

Because the people who attempted to take him away were men, Yu Chi Lan has a particular dislike for male humans, except Quan. He would let Rui Xi stay under one condition, within the two weeks he’s staying, Quan needs to high jump like he used to. Later Quan made her cry and Xiu Yi sees her. A sports reporter who wrote most, if not all, of the articles on Zuo Yi Quan throughout his days as a high jump champion under the pen name of KK.

Many events passed, including a visit by Rui Xi’s half brother Lu Jing Xi JJ Linwho threatens to take Rui Xi back to America, their summer break working at a vacation house, owned by Mei Tian’s sister, since Dorm 2 needed some construction done, the school’s festival where the three dormitories compete with each other hanazakariino various games enhlish Rui Xi being entered into the beauty pageant and a school trip to hot springs resort to Quan’s home town, where Rui Xi helps Quan to deal with his family.


Eventually, she thought about leaving Ying Kai secretly, but unbeknownst to Rui Xi, Quan was quietly listening to every word she was saying. But moments after talking to him, taaiwan brother who is staying in Taiwan for two weeks, saw her dressed up and walking around campus and found out everything.

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Views Read Edit View history. Ge finds out Rui Xis secret and also the gay doctor Dr. March 10, at 8: One of Wang Tian Si’s henchmen. He keeps Rui Xi’s secret, and she often comes to him for advice and support.

He had given up high jumping at the beginning of the series but was persuaded to return by Rui Xi. Rui Xi’s best friend from America.

December 19, at 1: Retrieved March 31, This article is about the Taiwanese television series. Comment Name Email Website. I love all his character,heheee. Mei Tian’s sister; Liang Si Nan’s mother. August 26, at 1: Rei Xie’s older half brother. Flirtatious leader of the No.

Then I watch another Taiwanese drama with Jiro Wang as the main lead: July 16, at 8: