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One day, she inadvertently found herself in the middle of a road, prompting Quan to save her. View my complete profile. Nancy Fl said this on September 4, at Emily said this on May 12, at 9: But Mike and Rainie were so cute in it together. Quan would end up suffering a knee injury from the incident, and would pull out of high jumping for the next two years. It’s interesting to see how differently they edited the live action show from the manga to make the storyline tighter.

If you’d like to read the manga online for free as well, it’s chapters on mangavolume. He’s also Ying Kai’s token “Sweetheart”. Winter Sonata get the box of tissue ready! Love or bread Katiejane said this on May 16, at 1: It IS pretty romantic, haha. About Me electrolychee im 17 yrs old and a 2nd year nursing student

Watch Out for the Three-Person Room. Ivy Liu said this on Kimu 16, at 1: Meteor garden 2, meteor shower 3. Yup i like Jiro and Wu ZUn as well.

I also liked DBY but i thought that everything was resolved so easily. Nancy Fl said this on September 4, at Well done, and very touching. Kathy said this on September 22, at 3: The site tiwan have lots of seriesmusic and movie! Wrong Kiss Ep Love Tears from Polaris and Little Turtle.

Japanese Films: Hanazakari no Kimitachi e: HANA-KIMI

Wow that was an amazing first season, I hope the second one is even better. I am so excited now for the second season. But Mike and Rainie were so cute in it together. The other version is hilarious and I couldn’t stop watching.


Where can I watch Hana Kimi anime/drama with Eng. sub. ?

Additional characters include Shuichi Nakatsu, a fellow student who is confused over his attraction to Mizuki which often drives the plot forward and Minami Nanba, the R. One day, she inadvertently found herself in the middle of a road, prompting Quan epiisode save her. He was soooooooooooo hot. Eipsode said this on September 2, at 7: Tokyo Juliet is also very good — Ariel Lyn is also an amazing singer, so you should find some of her music. Jamie said this on May 23, at 9: Hana Kimi, Taiwanese version funny!

Plus because of hana kimi i got to know about fahrenheit and arron and jiro and calvin and wu zun and omg. He serves as Rui Xi’s counselor and guardian several times. Ashiya — Rui Xi’s older brother. The first is good if you like TWdramas. I saw the trailer of the Taiwanese version of Hana-Kimi and I find the Japanese version more exciting plus the casts as well I like them all so I decided to watch this instead but unfortunately it is still airing so I have to wait till September for the complete drama I’m stuck in watching Coffee Prince KDrama and thru the comments from other viewers, I’ve been seeing “Hana-Kimi” thru every comment which made me curious.


She was Mei Tian’s junior during their days at university. P virginia said this on July 23, at Well, happy watching me dearies!! I loved Hana Kimi it was so funny and cute.

Veoh has only the special feature on the series, and it’s in Japanese. Try the Manga its cute: This site uses cookies.

veoh – Hana Kimi Taiwan Ep 12 Eng Sub

Has anyone watched My Girl? Silence sad at the end!!!

It IS pretty romantic, haha. Vicky said this on July 16, at 1: My Top Recommeded not in order: Help me become a per… Sheila Dyson on Dear God: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Fill in your details below or click an icon epizode log in: Miss no good 5. I really loved MARS.

Where can I watch the whole Hana Kimi drama the Japanese version for free?

Recent Posts Check It Out!!!!! But it was really an outstanding one.

I’m not sure if they took this out yet but they have it at crunchyroll and mysoju. Help me become a person worthy of you