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Dylan and Pepper visit Kana. Daisuki Don-chan ” Japanese: But Oxnard is missing, and the Ham-Hams search for him in the tunnels. Yoshi take care of Yamato. Hamtaro sprains his foot and Bijou wraps it with her ribbon. Oxnard wants to see Pepper.

Otoko Hatsuraijie ” Japanese: The Ham-Hams think they’re turning into ogres when they start growing horns. Koi no Hana Hana ” Japanese: Laura hurries to the spring concert play, Cinderella , but she forgets her second slipper and the Ham-Hams take it upon themselves to bring it to Laura before the play starts. While Boss is looking for the ball, Cappy asks about Boss’s tunnel. This OVA was also not aired in America.

Igaiga no Sato ” Japanese: Mahou no Tane ” Japanese: The Ham-Hams decide to do the sports festival too. However Sparkle doesn’t like Omar at the end of the episode, because when they actually traveled together Sparkle stopped being a star just to be with Omar and become a princesstheir adventure consisted of going to hot and cold places, and snake and shark infested places.

Oyogu Noda ” Japanese: Oxnard dreams about a date with Pepper, Maxwell and Sandy are on a date reading books. Can they forgive each other so Maxwell and Howdy can become friends again?

Fushigi na Tane ” Japanese: After arriving at her father’s office, Laura discovers the disk has disappeared and looks for it with her father. Yoshi has even prepared a special picnic lunch to share with Charlotte, Laura, and Kana.

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Kuma Jirou ” Japanese: Hamu Hamu Torein ” Japanese: When they come out of the ground, an owl grabs them! To celebrate, the Ham-Ham gang decides to throw a surprise reunion party for Sandy. Both the students hamtarl the Ham-Hams help to clean hamtaeo the garden, but Laura loses her pendant that has her feelings for Travis written inside. The Ham-Hams meet Okini, who has taken Skyham’s hang-glider, and they try to get it back from her.


The Ham-Hams play in Sweet Paradise, but Lapis has second thoughts because she thinks they will eat all of Sweet Paradise, and she thinks that friends are unnecessary as long as she has Lazuli. Herbert, by chance, finds little Penelope and rescues her from the perilous hole. Bijou wants to see a rainbow and the Ham-Hams decide to find a rainbow for her. Laura’s grandfather is so funny. The Ham-Hams and Maggie’s grandfather take care of a sick dog.

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So Hamtaro becomes hamtato private investiham, and with his magnifying glass, goes on a hunt for the culprit. Episode – Young Girl Thieves of Justice! Discuss API on Discord. Only good as a kid, nothing worth revisiting.

One day, the Ham-Hams are in the forest playing hide-and-seek and as always, Cappy is the last one left hiding.

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Oxnard 14 impressed by him that he would eat anything Chef Ham can prepare. But, if they can’t get the sunflower seed and return home in time, then they’ll be stuck in Ham-Ham Land forever! Sparkle visits again and meets Otome, Lion, and Bear.

Howdy is afraid of what might happen to peisode friend. Episode – Showtime, Okini! Along the way, they encounter Jingle and some hostile chickens. This makes Lazuli upset and run away, and so the Ham-Hams help Lapis get a special flower for Lazuli to say she’s sorry. The Ham-Girls and Boss help Flora. Don’t call me rpisode and I don’t know if I’m actually correct, but I found out that Boomerang’s schedule has been changed starting tomorrow at 6 AM.


But, after the dancing performance, Hamtaro notices something weird: However, Hamtaro thinks that she’ll be leaving on a star to make her wish.

Meanwhile, Hamtaro learns that Laura and her fellow students will put on “Sunflower Taro” as their next school play.

Laura puts ribbons in her hair but Travis does not seem to notice them until he acknowledges her without the ribbons. Oshare and the Ham-Hams don’t know this, however, and they try to save her. I only saw a few episode it’s ok but I’m not a huge fan. Will Hamtaro, Bijou, and Harmony stop Spat? To the other Ham-Hams’ great bewilderment, however, there seem to be ha,taro Cappies calling “I’m ready!

Episode – Summer! Touge No Obake ” Japanese: After Hamtaro wakes Laura up in the night, she’s late for school. But Oxnard crashes into him, and all his things go everywhere! Sutekina Umi Nonatsuyasumi ” Japanese: Episode – Where is he? ha,taro

Niwatori Torio ” Japanese: Yoshi proposed to Charlotte. Sparkle thinks Lapis will give Hamtaro one of the seeds to make him love Lapis. Boss, Howdy, Dexter, and Bijou look for them. Hamtaro is upset because something is wrong with Brandy. The duplicate Boss wears a blue kimono and is much cooler, and it tries to go on a date with Bijou instead of the real Boss.