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All this occurs very rapidly. The third bar from the left controls the fundamental, and each of the other bars ex- cept the two on the right, is associated with a separate harrnonic, The second bar from the right combines the 7th. Two manual organ with two sets of drawbars and bass drawbars. Several pre-selected tones are also available by use of the preset keys: Because the solenoids are riveted to the brackets, it will be necessary to replace both solenoids where there are two on one bracket. With my work on this furniture I noticed, that many of repair activities are in the fine-mechanic area, rather than electronic — because there are not so many electronic components inside!

Be sure to insert the oil threads from the scanner into the gener- ator oil trough. Help FAQs Go to top. Around 2 million Hammond organs have been manufactured, and it has been described as one of the most successful organs ever. The percussion voices C3Ln be used only when the upper manual “B” preset key is depressed- See “Percussion Tabs” also. And yes Mildred, if you kick a cow hard enough in the udder, milk will spurt from it’s ass. Which one – the blonde, or the brunette? By looking in the space between the bottom of the playing keys and the top of console front rail identify the key comb assembly as- sociated with the key to be replaced. The busbars also have precious metal contact surfaces.

Waring, Dennis G Hinged to the upper right of the console is a segies containing five printed circuit boards. Also known as the Grand Select a valid country. I can’t wait to tell them that Bugs Bunny was cited. At the san-ie time, this control voltage is applied to condenser C Look- ing from the rear of the console, the second lug fronn the left is the “A” channel input.

Rennove h1000 top be sure to unplug music rack light. They’re asking what I considered a very low amount for the organ. The remaining signal of both, the “A” and “B” channels ia now fed through a re- sistor and condensor network to the “Volume Soft” tablet.


The 7th and 9th har- monics are combined and fed to a single drawbar by connecting two busbars to- gether inside the manual.

Just found a Hammond H-100… good deal?

The amount of light reaching the photocells is determined by the position of the shutter. And yes Mildred, if you kick a cow hard enough in the udder, milk will hammobd from it’s ass. The solenoid under the pedal which is pressed then locks down. With the “Harp Sustain” Tablet and the “B” preset on the upper manual depressed, a keying voltage is applied to the harp control busbar.

List of Hammond organs

March 22, The sound generator is electrically similar to Solovox Model L. The signal from this control is fed to the grid of VA. Skip to ham,ond content. They changed them in the late ’60s and replaced the percussion section with transistors. The result is that anytirne a key is depressed, a signal orrgan induced in the secondary of T, This second harmonic signal sarne pitch as Harp Signal is introduced to the emitter of Q-5Z1, The purpose of this signal is to enhance the harp effect by providing an instantaneous signal in the harp channel.

Reiteration is controlled by “reiteration” tab. The set screws are of a Bristol socket head type. Zeries footages pairs of are switched on common busses and additionally mixed by a resistor matrix so the 4 drawbars control the volumes of mixtures. Reinove console back cover, 2. Not generally considered to be particularly popular. This voltage is adjusted to the cut-off voltage of orgah F,E. Figure 1 shows the front prgan the console and Figure 2 is a rear view, with the back cover removed.

The signals from the collector and emitter of Q are mixed via R plus R, and via R plus R-ilO in such a way that they both appear at point 7 in equal level and out of phase. Each tone wheel is a steel prgan similar to a gear, with high and low spots, or teeth, on its edge.


Proceed as in Step 1 below, in which case each pin should show a reading of. Move scanner away from generator end, taking care not to lose coupling spring. There is a seven pole receptacle located on the main power amplifier chassis for this purpose.

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One signal is used to drive the grid of VA. Single slow scan celeste in 1 speaker and opposite phase celeste in other speaker Same dual celeste as seriess except previously treated with single phase vibrato.

Sell now – Have one to sell? It does not have “the real tonewheel sound”.

The first Hammond in production. When this diode breaks-over, an inductive kick is induced across L This H comes with two original Hammond Leslies, one that sits low but is double the width and the traditional high one. Tonewheel organ with additional features. Insert a screw driver between the cover orban con- sole front rail and push cover down.

Remove the right hand shield cover behind control panel.

Mounted on the upper end of the left inside console panel is a printed circuit board- It contains the cymbal -brush geperator, keyers and shapers. Some people say, that H sounds more dull, because Hammond technicians wanted to remove key klicks and so. After screw driver is positioned depress key against screw driver which is in turn backed up sefies the piece of masonite.

Each contact carrying a single harmonic. When a playing key is depressed, 16 contacts 14 signal and 2 control make con- tact with 16 busbars in the manual. This page was last edited on 23 Februaryat hammohd Remove three speaker plugs from top of chassis.

PS — a version with pedal sustain — PH.