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I think that the pups might be the low hanging fruit, though I think they are usable I realize it is either veneer or photo top? I actually prefer my Special neck as I have small hands. I paid on Friday after speaking with WMS and they shipped that day You might find one with a neck to match your FM. Quality is fine; still play it often. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Everything is put together well. Returns hour approval on most items. There’s moderate hum but they’re either muddy or shrill. And what is the body construction I guess they were built in Korea and Indonesia. I certainly know the USA special is much more guitar but I have a set of pu’s already that I would like to drop in it and thought the XT would be a good donor. The guitar plays well but tuning isn’t terribly stable. Posted April 11,

2005 Hamer Sunburst Archtop XT SAT P90 Gold Top, Excellent, GigBag, $300.00

View the Media Kit. A good set of P90s, new nut and lowering the action will probably get me most of the way there as I like the look and find the neck to be pretty comfortable.

Serjes shipments made by us are fully insured. Is there a difference in quality? Switch-work functions well and feels smooth.

Hamer Satpgt Gold Top P90 Electric Guitar XT Series Sunburst Archtop P | eBay

I like the thicker neck. Login or Sign Up. Relatively unbalanced when used separately and tend to be muddy. I just can’t justify the high price spread at seroes point.


Just for reference I mostly play my Echotone Aztec Swt. Originally Posted by Doctor Morbius: I was definitely commenting on the semi-recent maybe the last 3 – 7 years Korean Hamers I’ve played at that store. I haven’t yet bonded with this guitar and am contemplating exactly how much I’d have to put into it to form a loving relationship.

It has been a long time since trying out an XT series Hamer. The price of admission was a decent deal as the guitar is put together well with nice fretwork for an Indonesian guitar. Posted April 8, I actually prefer my Special neck as I have small hands. I’ve played a number of SATs at my local Hamer dealer. Nuttin’ like a good slut!

Which brings us to this one.

Overall, the guitar looks great and cosmetics are about on par with Korean Epis. My Echotone neck is about 14″ radius with a Finish work was pretty well done though there was an extremely slight binding blem on the upper side Everything is put together well.

Do appreciate the advice though!

Join the HC Newsletter. Posted April 11, I take back what I said about these We use UPS Air service, wherever possible.

New Paltz, NY I have an Indonesian Slammer actually my wife’s that hamrr a whole lot of work to make playable. Most small goods pedals, accessories, etc.

Toggle navigation Gear Details. Bank to bank wire transfers seem to work best on foreign orders. Sign In Sign Up. Returns hour approval on most items. So question is what is it like.


NGD: $ Hamer SAT P90 Content | Harmony Central

Superior in most way to most imports in this price range. You are responsible for any import duties, V. Again all opinions are appreciated! Fretboard radius isn’t great for me and in combination with the large frets and high action – bends tend to slide out from under your finger if you aren’t heavy handed. The action is a bit high and will be lowered once the bridge pup is anchored properly.

Hamer XT Series Sunburst Archtop P-90 (SATP90)

The bridge P90 was somewhat floating and not anchored by the screws – I have yet to address this issue as I haven’t had time and it didn’t impact my test run. I got into the cavity and I’m pretty sure this has a nice maple cap on it. What about sa differences between Chinese, Korean and Indonesian? Really not impressed with the electronics.

Originally Posted by customtele Bottom line: Maybe a little better, but definitely a lot worse. Hope I did not insult anyone by not going for the US made.