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As confusing as the selection of Hakuhodo brushes may initially seem, it can certainly be made sense of. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Some people prefer Z4 but I have a roundish face so I find the size of Z8 perfect, plus it applies blush in a more diffused way that I like. I’ve tried flat foundation brushes and always found them streaky Concealer: I have the Z series, they are not the best at certain tasks. Seems similar to the ones I’ve used, and I’m still quite flexible in terms of shape.

So, if you like the handles, then go for it. Refer to our Posting Guidelines when submitting posts. I’ll look for a good replacement though. May 6, Hakuhodo Brushes II. I like them but for a different purpose. The J is perfect for blending color in the crease. The goat hair is cut long enough to be slightly floppy, as opposed to a squat, dense kabuki brush, and the tips are extremely fine, with some synthetic fibers woven in for extra delicacy.

I did not think there could possibly be a true dupe for the MACbut the J is that and more. I’m planning to get the Hakuhodo Kokutan Series now, and I’m still researching to choose which brushes I will personally need!!

I’m pretty boring when it comes to colour. I usually place my powders, then blend the shit out of it anyway, so I’m hoping this would require less time blending lol I usually only use eyeshadow brushes anyway and use it for multiple colours, but I spray it with brush cleanser between uses all my eye looks are neutral, and I’m pretty sure it’ll stay that way. But you can keep them clean for longer by keeping a microfiber cloth on your vanity and very gently wipe them back and forth to get the makeup off everyday, you can also run them under lukewarm water to get out some of the makeup and then gently wipe back and forth on a towel until mostly dry, this works great for foundation brushes.


Will reply to your second comment too, but OMG in my mind I know that the regular Hakuhodo brushes would be the smarter decision if I ever decide I need more brushes so I can get a matching set, but the Kokutan series are SOOO gorgeous.

Once you’ve tried Hakuhodo brushes there is no going back. Iokutan I’ll definitely email Hakuhodo for recommendations once I have my list finalized to see if they have any other ideas too!

It’s relatively large, and I like to use this to do like, a final blend all over and then put shimmer in the center of my lid. If you do a lot of smokey looks, this might be a must have.

Some of the brush heads are repeated at different price points, but with no diminishment in quality. It is kind of just the opposite with fude. I’ll get it too: Hakuhodo Kokutan Saikoho Kinoko brush large.


I can’t believe how amazing these brushes are. I had no idea about the differences in the structure of various animal hairs. Some popular brushes in this series are: I have the large squirrel finishing brush, the flat one.

That brush makes hakuhodp kind of mad. I think I have a shopping addiction and this is part of the fun for me! But you’ll want to really have an idea of what you want, because you’re designing them, and if you’ve never used these type of brushes before, I’d worry about not really knowing.

For me, Hakuhodo has every shape and type of brush I could want. So, if you like the handles, then go for it. However, I did buy the Sigma E40 and it’s not in the same league at all.

If you have questions, please do ask. I mainly use all powders apart from liquid foundation I use fingers or BB. It buffs my Mac Pro loose invisible setting powder flawlessly into my skin without leaving a trail of black hairs all over my face. I was planning to keep the same process, but replace the brush cleaner with the a few swipes on a microfiber cloth. I have both, and honestly, I like them equally and find both of them lovely mokutan. I don’t think I know enough about brushes or my personal preferences yet to order custom ones.


Ask another addict – if you’ve got a burning question this is your chance! This is a great series for anyone who wants to start discovering Hakuhodo brushes and own luxurious feeling high quality make-up brushes without emptying their entire bank account.

How are the series different? – Hakuhodo USA

I’ll keep this in mind if I ever get into spot concealing though! For full review and images, please read my original blog post I hope hakunodo ok to post an outside link, I’m not sure how to show images in post: This is so exciting since they have so many!! Black, Wavy, Medium Eyes: It’s just which brushes work hakuuhodo you and what you want from them. But then it tips towards to a pointy end.

This is a BIG fan brush.

I’m ambivalent about Z2 because I don’t wear highlighter enough, when I do I usually grab Z4 out of habit. I am extremely happy with this purchase. The will be a little more, um I only got 2, but the handles are really light and almost cheap feeling, and the hairs weren’t as nice as my Hakuhodo brushes. This results in soft to the touch brushes with superior product distribution qualities. I just have to be fussier about them.

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All the best, Hakuhodo USA. I did a haul post.

Again, the other brushes I named could do this, but I use this one every day so I thought I’d mention it.