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Anime Seiyuu with Professor Mandi. The Anime Addicts talk about anime sequels we wished had never happened! The Anime Addicts discuss our dream castings if various anime series were made into a live action adaptation. We also will review the anime Rolling Girls! We talked to Josh Fabian all about how it works and how cool it is, so check it out! Is this a zombie? The Anime Addicts break down some very high profile news stories including; the death of Tama the stationmaster cat, USAvsJapan in a giant robot battle, and more!!

You can hear her in the new release of Haganai and much more, so listen in! Brining some fantastic recommendations about anime pre! Tune in to hear all about it! The Anime Addicts play the “Anime Prediction Game”, allowing live callers to submit predictions about what anime will have sequel series in the future. Return of the Man! Opening the iTunes Store. We also review the anime Aldnoah. The Anime Addicts go down a dark road

Japan Sucks at Valentine’s Day. Are you a King of RPGs? The Anime Addicts deliver an action packed fun episode. In addition to all the cool stuff over at Sentai Filmworks, you can also hear her as Kalifa in One Piece! How about some manga?

The Anime Addicts are all here for another great episode! The Anime Addicts have a manly episode. See what anime related goods the hosts select with their money. The Anime Addicts breakdown our Summer anime selections. We play a crazy game of “Anime Madlib”, get drunk on bacon flavored soda, and review the anime Barakamon. More like Hot Man Buns. We have another manly story from Kazuo and we continue our Summer impressions.


Also hear about how Kazuo was a badass in elementary school! We savage each other in arguments for your entertainment. English dub preview, and Sengoku Basara 4 will go back to the beginning of the Sengoku period. The Anime Addicts discuss an array of Japanese marks and some of the mythology behind these masks. Owen is probably well known as the voice of Twisted Fate and Viktor from League of Legends, but he’s also had his hand int he Walking Dead Game as well!

We also sprinkle in some anime tidbits.

The Anime Addicts discuss Japanese arcades. Today, Seven Seas brings some manga over next year, Attack on Titan opening sells like hotcakes, and Lionsgate brings the new Robotech film Stateside.

Great Debate and Bare Butts. After years of trying to get a hold of him, we finally grabbed Michael Sinterniklaas!

The Anime Addicts discuss our favorite magical girl anime in preparation for the upcoming “release” of the new Sailor Moon anime. The Sharks are angry! Today, Symphogear G shows a battle between idols, Deadman Wonderland manga to end, and a parody cartoon about Namco-Bandai. We play a drinking game to the anime Super Lovers 2.


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Mitsugi and Kazuo try to figure out if anime releases have become to prolific. Bizarro Jellyfish in my Chest. Grant’s been busy with much more than just Dissidia: Randomness and 12 Kingdoms Babble. This leads to several discussions including a debate on whitewashing in the Ghost in the Shell film. The Anime Addicts discuss trends in anime both presently and in the past; Monster girls, idols, clubs, game worlds and more! Bajime Up Pipin’ Hot Aces. Enjoy the heightened audio quality as we discuss some of the most interesting Cafe’s in Tokyo.

The Anime Addicts risinh the first half of their Top 50 favorite anime of all time list! Where is today’s anime made?

Anime Addicts Anonymous

The Anime Addicts whip out some of the Church aniemget Mitsugi’s Bacon and we also discuss anime that would and would not succeed as Hollywood properties. Loving Anime is a Bowl of Ramen. We also do a Howard Sternesque interview with Roukou’s girlfriend.