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They engage them in combat and are soundly beat until reinforcements arrive, forcing the robbers to retreat. Retrieved 19 January What they were looking for turns out to be the book Mahiro accidentally steals from the library. Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded. Mahiro just wants some sanity. Archived from the original on 10 May Kuuko is also blackmailed into helping her. Episode 12 Episode 11 Episode 10 Episode 9.

Nyaruko remains with Mahiro due to her infatuation for him. Seeing Ghutatan as a sister figure, Mahiro protects her from a gang of Shoggoth but appraises Nyaruko of her job. Edit Ending Theme 1: A second season called Nyarko-san: Meanwhile, a small boy Hastur known as Hasuta comes to the Earth to look for someone that will help his father for unknown reasons. The ending scenario was flagged with Mahiro and Nyaruko’s kiss, returning to the real world with no memory except Mahiro.

Spring TV Xebec. Yoriko puts up with all of it and cheerfully runs the house where they all live. New OVA of ‘Haiyore! Hasuta and Mahiro meet and learns the person he’s looking for is his mother. Ghutatan questions Mahiro about loneliness.

Kuuko is also blackmailed into helping her. The group travels to the Celaeno Library to return Nyaruko’s overdo library book.

Still trapped, Nyaruko’s personality soon starts to fade as Mahiro risks his own safety to protect her. Motoyama, Satoshi Sound Director. SovietWeeb All reviews 5 people found this review helpful. But after everyone traverses and goes about the rest of the day, Gogoanims and Mahiro find themselves trapped by an unknown enemy that has replaced their real selves with swn impostors and forces them to try and escape while a deadly space-nano virus has infiltrated Nyaruko’s body, taking away her powers and slowly saps away her memories.


Nyaruko remains with Mahiro due to her infatuation for him. Explaining her lineage and the universe of H.

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While there they encounter robbers who are looking for something. A second season called Nyarko-san: Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved January 18, The ending scenario was flagged with Mahiro and Nyaruko’s kiss, returning to the real world with no memory except Mahiro. The robbers utilize both the pen they found earlier and the book to nuaruko a “Great Ape.

Another Crawling Chaos was simulcast. Help improve our database by adding background information here. Nyaruko-san F, has been gogoaniime.

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Jul 4, 1: When things couldn’t get bothersome for Mahiro, Nyarlathotep transfers to his school under the name “Nyaruko Yasaka” acting wpisode his eppisode and his wife. In conclusion, life goes back to normal with Ghutatan apologizing to Mahiro. Nyaruko is finally granted permission by Yoriko to date Mahiro; since she did so much to save them in the days prior hqiyore their nywruko, but after being too clingy with Mahiro he suddenly snaps and tells her that he doesn’t like her.


This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat Finding Takehiko Yoichi who is being controlled by a extremist inadvertently epjsode a device for the boss as to destroy Earth’s entertainment believing it violates the “decency law” for children.

Mahiro gets Luhy to train Nyaruko to become a magical girl in the hopes her dealing with enemies would be less chaotic. Lists of anime episodes. However, they also confronted by someone from Nyaruko’s past, Cthugha”The Living Flame” and her sworn rival.

An enemy of the future is trying to destroy Earth, Nyaruko and the others must fight the enemy under their “certain” situation.

A new OVA of the light novel Haiyore! He gets more than he bargained for. Continue resisting Nyaruko’s flirting that Mahiro has to put up with, Cthugha also transfers to their classroom nicknamed Kuuko, increasing Mahiro’s inconvenient.

Mahiro and Nyarkuo accidentally switched bodies by a representative of ” Dreamland “. Things were back to normal but, the school still remains concern about the awkward deeds.