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Was this review helpful? As involuntary guest of his strange host Vova, Lukas is Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. I don’t normally like movies with child actors, but I found this one charming. Obsessed with his shiny new video game console, Mayito puts the Playstation in his backpack and heads off to join the workers? Showing such a situation would have in fact been daring, even courageous.

Everyone knows that privileged people in Cuba are musicians and athletes. Carlos is surprised because Mayito sticks out like a sore thumb in that type of neighborhood. In fact, one of the surprises of the film is the frank treatment of the subject matter in a picture from a place like Cuba, whose cinema has always presented an ideal society where one would assume class differences would not even exist. Reply Habanastation reminds me of the shallow movies that are common in the US. Use the HTML below. When Pepe returns home, he usually brings his son a new gadget, usually an electronic game.

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That was only a dream. Use the HTML below. Today the artists allowed to tour abroad, and those with family overseas, mainly in the United States, are the newly rich in a country whose average salary is ridiculously low and where living conditions, such as depicted in the film show another reality rarely seen in other films from that country.

The film calls for a mutual tolerance that paralyzes the destitute character, while the privileged one continues his economic ascent and his successful social career. Father to Son Your email address will not be published. Local friends hababastation for an afternoon of dominos on the city streets of Old Havana.

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The young leads take the film on an energetic coming of age story driven by light-hearted humour and flecks of adventure and romance. The new film by Ian Padron is skyrocketing to success in the Cuban capital.

Habanstation nevertheless provides a mostly flattering, mofie ultimately hopeful, depiction of Cuba by whisking the audience through a host of iconic locations as Claudia navigates the hustle bustle of the streets in pursuit of Mayito.


For now, the subject is open. July 23, July 23, Isbel Diaz 6 Comments. Ah, by no way it’s a movie only for kids. In this way the rich boy adds spiritual values of friendship, selflessness, solidarity and courage to his material wealth. Despite the long lines and sweltering cinemas, Cubans have been jamming theaters here for several weeks to see? Announcing our Photo of the Day section Havana Times has a new section to share with our bloggers and readers. He cjban the wrong bus and decides to jump off in a dodgy part of town, cubxn Carlos just happens to save him from some local goons.


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Ian Padron is to be congratulated for a film that is inspirational. Van Pao-Te, who is now 60 years old, finds himself suffering from a serious illness, instead of getting treatment, he decides to go to Japan to look for his father who abandoned ucban It is imperative to halt the imperialist military adventure against Venezuela Diaz-Canel receives President of Laos National Assembly Working well is the best ideological work we can do, says Diaz-Canel More A surprising activism has been born in habnaastation over the recent period.

Search for ” Habanastation ” on Amazon. Although the movie is quite recent there are certain values and ideals from the revolution that manifest themselves in the daily lives of Cubans. October This slideshow requires JavaScript. The latest Cuban movie has provided a bit of relief to the relatively wealthy on the island. In the real life, while the father of Ian was the famous Juan Padron the producer and author of the cartoon character Elpido Valdesand the now-director used to be driven to grade school in a car, Carlos was just a poor boy who lived in a depressed district in Havana.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Isbel Diaz Torres Contradictions between a rich boy and a poor kid in socialist Cuba.

Fisherman Ah-Hai is found dead from self-immolation during a large-scale protest against TL Petrochemical.

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JesseNeme 25 April Instead, the neighborhood looks more like a Brazilian favela, with street gangs, drunks and uncollected garbage everywhere.


Later we will publish some themes for each day of the week, to make it more fun and to facilitate the selection because we are sure that there will be many interested in this new section. So this one has been a double surprise.

In the opening scenes, we meet Mayito Ernesto Escalonaa cheerful yet sheltered boy, the son of a successful jazz musician. Two years later, Asako now lives in Tokyo and meets Ryohei.

Cuban President exercised his right to vote in habanaztation referendum More than two million Cubans voted for their hzbanastation in only two hours Cuba: Carlos Andy Fornanison the other hand, lives in a shack in a rundown corner of Havana called La Tinta, which earns its name for the mucky re: And the poor kid? Everyone knows that privileged people in Cuba are musicians and athletes. February 29, by ancarias.

Send your picture with your name and birth country, or where you reside, to this email address: The direction is brilliant and the acting really very good, particularly the two kids.

He looks just like Baku, but has a completely different personality.

Fornaris and Escalona, the actors who play the two boys, are both members of the acclaimed La Colmenita The Beehive children? I don’t normally like movies with child actors, but I found this one charming.

Habanastation, Where a Kite Means Collecting 300 Bottles

See the full gallery. But when he gets lost on the way home and wanders into a tough neighborhood, it? She falls in love with Baku, a habanasattion. Such early friendships seem to be based on some sort of mysterious bond which forms before class attitudes begin to harden and alienate one from another.

They are both poor, and has severe home troubles.