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Even though he belongs to a lower caste, but he is a smart guy who can read and learn, so he becomes more active than before at the council with his high-ranking officials. Wangyidoen namja excel in every category let it be camera, costume or music. I believe Lee Byung Hun thoroughly developed each character from their tone of voice to the nature of their footsteps. Cast member also had done an incredible part especially Byung-hun as King Gwang-hae and Ha-seon. To often, one or the other seems forced, but here Choo creates a character who grows and changes, but still remains, at heart, the same, good person he was at the beginning — the kind of person who, by the end of the story, could be happy and believable as a king or a pauper. Byung Hun Lee has been a favorite for the longest and he never disappoints.

Overall, ‘Masquerade’ was very engaging and entertaining with laughs and tears from beginning to end. I don’t even understand it. He is a clown named Ha-seon also played by Lee Byeong-heon , and he has been earning a living through his silly antics imitating the king in front of people. A movie like this shows that it’s not by birth that paves the way to greatness as a human being but what you do. The first half of the movie is about how Ha-seon adapts in palace environment which is interesting to see and sometimes really funny, and the last 45 minutes of the movie is just so tense. And this movie excels at telling just that tale. I understand why he would be concerned since there is a multitude of comedic scenes.

When you sit with tear stains on your gwajghae in the dark, the last two hours of your life were definitely not wasted. There is abit naivety behind it, but it’s very entertaining movie and worth a try to bring you joy for the first time on sageuk genre. Episode 5 by TeriYaki.

I hoped that the ending would have turned out different but being that it’s a historical movie, it can’t be helped. Ha-seon, the man chosen to play the part, becomes genuinely concerned for the people and leads the country jovie a tight grip for 15 days.

I even have doubt of watching this movie at the first place.

[REVIEW]: Masquerade (2012)

A king is made to rule the country but he is not necessary the best man for the job. Episodes by odilettante. There are a lot of effective sequences in the film, especially the climax which will leave you highly impressed. It touches on the warm and beautiful side of the human heart. Does anyone know what Ha Sun gave to the queen at the end? The use of lighting was attentive and astute. Lee Byeong-heon, Ryoo Seung-yong and some part timers really build the film in to a Class.


I wish the story wasn’t too centered on the substitute king.

Mommy Son is determined to ‘save hip-hop’ in teaser for upcoming rap battle series ‘Middle School Rapper’. Archived from the original on 10 February The movie has some quite funny parts too.

Audible Download Audio Books. He is really a professional action and is willing to act in that scene. As usual, Lee Byung hun is a good actor. This was to reference of gossip that Kim Gae-shi was Seonjo’s concubine first, before becoming the son’s concubine later. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Enz May 20, at 9: But once you watch it with your heart, you’ll fall in love with it.

The story is well written, and plotted out, and has been filmed so simply, and beautifully that you can not help but be pulled right in.

Cast member also had done an incredible part especially Byung-hun as King Gwang-hae and Ha-seon. Didn’t think it was going to be comical at all but loved those moments from the otherwise serious acts.

In the other way round, a layman with little literature education who had experience the poverty and difficulties as gwangae citizen should not have the ability to rule a kingdom.

It’s a period drama called “Masquerade”, also as “Gwanghae — the man who becomes the King”. Byung-hun acts really convincingly as two different character here, a serious charismatic king and a naughty lazy comedian. Not inherently very funny, right?

ManAni Mochi: Film Review: Gwanghae a.k.a. Masquerade

It was of particular importance when it came to highlighting certain elements of the film, such as differentiating between lighter and heavier scenes, and heightening the intensity of dire moments.

The king’s adviser, Heo Gyun Ryoo Seung-yongfinds a suitable man for the job. I am a fan of Yeo Jin Goo, so I am looking forward to seeing how he tackles this challenge.

I was hoping to have something explained to me that neither watching the movie nor reading the review addressed: This is not a new story, and not the first time this story has been told by a long long shot. The king was again brought back to the throne to punish the revolts.


He now suspects that someone within the royal court is attempting to poison him. Barely after his audition, Ha-seon is thrust onto the throne when the King is poisoned and falls unconscious, leading the Chief Secretary to activate the former so that the country does not descend into chaos.

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The supporting cast also put in top notch performances to play off Lee, especially when the narrative fleshes them out in three dimensions rather than to pass them off as caricatures.

Thank you for the review: The crossover between his roles was flawless. I’m glad he’s finally getting some good work in Hollywood. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The acting is amazing. I have been wanting to watch this for a while now, and this convinces me gwangha I really should. In Novemberthey were replaced by director Choo Chang-min and actor Lee Mivie in his first ever historical film.

Lee Byung Heon at his best in my opinion. This film just kept on building and building and got better and better. Which you do end up rooting for in the scope of Gwanghaeif only because Ha-sun seems to have a knack for ruling.

I already pre-ordered it from Amazon! She seemed one dimensional to me. Top of the list goes to Heo Gyun as the main executer of the plot, installing Ha-sun as the King while waiting for his real master to awaken from poisoned slumber, and teaching his puppet to wise up, only to be surprised by the man’s humanity, which set out to touch the lives of many others, and with it came new found respect.

Similarly, warmer tones were often used to discern the more amiable, well-intentioned Ha Sun, while deep, cool colors signaled the irritable and merciless King Gwanghae. Chang-min as director built a dazzling and powerful movie, the cinematography is beautiful captured and solid frame by frame, the make-up and costume design are also did their responsibility well.

He is the people.