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Treasure definitely knows action and 2D gaming. With that said this the best side scrolling shooter available for the GBA and is fun while it lasts. This is just a remake which, although a good The game would have gotten an 8 if the game made itself different to the original Gunstar Heroes. Would you recommend this Review? This game has unused music. Views Read Edit View history.

The game itself is great, don’t think I gave it a 6 due to the game being bad, it’s far from that The whole stage rotates as you move around the edges, another impressive graphical effect. A single-player “sequel” , Gunstar Super Heroes , was released in for the GBA, and sets up a new team of heroes who have the same names as their predecessors to fight against the Empire Army once again to stop Golden Silver from reviving a second time. Lots of explosions, cool characters, and of course, the bosses. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. People didn’t buy this game simply because they’ve played it before Generally favorable reviews – based on 31 Critics.

Gunstar Super Heroes

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One of Gunstar Heroes’ features was the ability to combine weapons, which is absent. But, is this game good? From here, you actually land gunstwr the surface of the planet, but this section is much shorter gnstar it used to be. Plot One of the many bosses in the game.

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Together with Yellow, the Gunstars must travel to the moons, stop the resurrected Empire, and recapture the Treasure Gems, gunsstar mystical stones with an unknown power that drove the story of the previous game. Archived from the original on This game has unused graphics. Advance Guardian Heroes had similar stages that were absolutely plagued with slowdown.

This warning message was completely removed from the English release. Games, Cheats, News, Reviews, and Previews”. In addition, the throw move is ploy and now replaced with melee attacks preformed through various button combinations using the A, B, and D-pad in various combinations. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For a long time, Treasure had professed their aversion to sequels, preferring to make each game their own.


This doesn’t seem like much of a difference at first, but when you add that certain weapon combos work better for certain types – it allows for a wide variance in playstyles. The game was built for action, and it truly shows. This page was last modified on 28 Marchat One of the biggest draws of the original game — the two player simultaneous action — has unfortunately been ditched. The English taunts are pretty awful sounding. So if you have low health, you’re most likely gonna have to redo that section.

Unlike the original game, players don’t choose between Free or Fixed Shot at the beginning of the game.

Early artwork for Yellow, also using a very heroe character design, which appears to depict her piloting You have two characters, Red or Blue, which you get to choose when you first start the game.

Treasure definitely knows action and 2D gaming.

In other words, if you were pissed off by games like “Ninja Gaiden,” you’ll get pissed off with this. This really makes the game plott more enjoyable and helps the game feel more unique. Gunstar Super Heroes is an 2D side scrolling action game where you go through multiple stages defeating armies of enemies with your arsenal of guns and sword. Critic score Publication By date. You’ll fight tons of these giant enemies in Gunstar Super Heroes, including a guy who can change into 7 different robots, a giant rock monster, or a giant robot trying gunztar crush you with your mini ship!

Though the adventure is ridiculously short and there’s not much of a plot to get behind, Gunstar Super Heroes through both its supreme gameplay and technical achievements is simply too brilliant and addictive a game to ignore.

The graphics are some of the best 2D graphics that the Game boy Advance has to offer, I really like them. Sure, the game only has about six levels, but when you consider all the time you’ll puti into it with the different difficulty settings and characters; you’ll have to think about the well-being of your thumbs pplot fingers.


There’s a good amount of replay value and great game play to back it, and so if you can find it, I fully recommend a purchase. Please make a shooter for the DS Level 3 in particular is absolute shmup perfection supe am Green! Gun Beat Tiny Toon Adventures: This game has unused music. This one appears to be early and pkot All this publication’s reviews. As a result of its destruction, Earth then had four moons. Most of Gunstar Super Heroes’ s characters herofs named after characters from the original Gunstar Heroesand while many of these new characters bear distinct resemblances to the equivalent characters from the first game, one notable exception is Red, who is female, unlike the original Gunstar Red, who was male.

Star Successor Gaist Crusher This entry is part 2 of 2 in the gunztar Gunstar Heroes. To accomplish this, it pairs back the game heross in favor of more of the gimmicky elements that made the original game stand out. Likely would have been part of Black’s Dice Maze along with a matching boss. You need to follow an arrow, which will lead you to the end of stage. If you thought the action was intense in “Astro Boy: Each character has different guns, although there isn’t that big of a difference.

An amazing shooter, reviving the 2D gameplay. However, the game did not sell well causing Nintendo Power to repeatedly try to urge readers to purchase the game.

When ploot start the game up, they give you an introduction that tells you about the previous game, where two heroes Gunstar heroes defeated the God of Ruin. Several unused music tracks exist in the ROM. But the harder the difficulty, the better the story gets.

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