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Hang up the phone. Punarnavi Bhupalam, Chinna, Pavani Gangireddy. Okay, l’ll talk to her. Why change of boss when it’s time for promotion? How did l wave? She should’ve cut me when l said l love you to her. She’s very good girl, she’ll forgive me. Should heaven be searched beyond the space?

This world is different Can’t stop him for long. My background, my status, my name, he mustn’t know anything. A Telugu romantic comedy film, written and directed by Vijaykumar Konda. When did you come, brother? You’re not feeling bad, right? So, what do you say, girl? Take me to my dear l mean Shruthi.

Jzari didn’t meet so she didn’t see me. Give me little time, l’ll find and introduce her to you. Shall we go, boss? I’m sure it will not disappoint you. But l like your straightforwardness. You said l’m hurt get medicine. You mustn’t ask, you must know it. How do you do? We’ve got the best photos from the night’s biggest celebrations, and you don’t get a hangover.

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That’s okay, when are you going to show up to me? There’s no way l can get such calls without anyone’s help. You really don’t know her, right?


There was a problem filtering reviews right now. The beautiful eyes are teasing That girl wasn’t an invited guest here.

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Not after you set up Karthik and l and in love for quite long time. So, let’s go to the rest room to take full rest. Actually wit you nor Shruthi have any feelings for me. That’s what had happened, sir. Tell who she is? You’re giving a killing performance. Because forest route and very dangerous too. At least you must recognise me from my voice my dear Not that side, this side.

You need planning for business not for friendships. No, a new bar has been opened jzari my office, l think they’d have forgotten to shut the door, that’s the noise. Someday l wish to meet you personally Why are you acing as if you love me? When did gallxnthayyinde come, brother? Why is she beating the table?

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Will everything match perfectly? Why are you getting so irritated?

You’re the lone man unmarried in our batch. Why should l come between you both?

Available on Prime Attarintiki Daredi. You must see her confidence, she said just wait and see. You were looking at watch often, l thought you wanted to go home. Real-time popularity on IMDb. Don’t mention his name also. Why would l accuse you, my dear?

Dad is drinking as daughter watches, daughter tells about her love story in detail, and moreover Yendamuri too! Never played with anyone’s emotions. Closed or are you embarrassed? Why did you do like this?

Buddy, actual thing is Who else would know other than her? A nice story and beautiful and descent direction which is worth a bucks or so.