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Do you know what you did was a big crime? Last night we went into the past on time machine. My name reverberates in this city You committed the mistake and accusing him? But l didn’t know you love her. What do you know then?

Solo life is bore Do you throw party for love success also? So many things in just one day! What man as if l did it wantonly, my damn fate, should l get a girl who puts conditions not to ask name and place, that too in a wrong number call? Boss, the girl is here. Did you lie to me till now? He’s so strong, he would pound me.

Likewise l’ve clarity of my taste. Till then, sleep well!

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Have you forgotten it? Right at that time, my boss came here.

Do you really don’t know my name? Why did she kiss me then? Am l lying to you then? How is my taste?


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Okay, you helped me. Why are you asking him as if you know that? Karthik, sit next to me. You pricked me like a thorn Your dad youky greater than God, is he? There’s no way you can forgive him. Looks like my boss gave you a good thrashing. Who is your mummy? To confirm whether that’s really him!

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We’ll sharpen her up finely. Got your lover’s phone number. HR sir, you don’t help me in any way! You too must fall down, right?

Need to go home, don’t make noise. Why is he blocking the way? Views Read Edit View history. When did you come, brother?

How do you know about her? Of the lousy friends l’ve, you both are among them. One day he sees a beautiful girl Sailaja Keerthi Suresh and she seems to like him too, but fear of rejection keeps him from speaking up. Latchamma lost her rooster too She’s warning me over phone. What’s that music then? Here come my lust Guru!


This will not happen again sir, l assure Karthik mistakes Sravani for Sruthi and talks to her over the phone.

Will you see if you can? You didn’t meet her, right? Why don’t l see her?

You say you’re a don, don’t you’ve a den?