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The fortune-teller said that she better not stay with the person she meets under cherryblossom and crescent moon if she wants to stay alive, thus, after seeing kangchi at the exact condition, she died. It is not that I wanted GFB to ends early but just that the storyline is very exciting and keep us suspending after each episode ended. Jun 26, at 4: Thank you dear javabeans and girl friday for sticking out with the last 2 lacklustre ending episodes, and I really enjoyed reading the recaps over watching the drama sometimes. None of us would have expect that from Joseon era, it would travels all the way to Lee Do Kyung Supporting Cast.

And big thanks to Seunggi and all the casts and also everyone that took part in this drama.. Especially the one about Jo Gwan Woong. Angel Yi June 25, at You killed off Yeo-wool, the female lead? Yeowool could’ve totally lived if kang chi had taken the shot 2. The 2nd one, I was not sure what to make of it, especially with many of the old characters being reincarnated and not sure of what they all were, really in Suddenly, KC sees spider and screams but the girl cuts the spider’s leg and only left 2 of it.

Hi Betsy Hp, good to hear from you: All we did was come back around to the romance. About Choi Kang Chi is a legendary gumiho and is half-human and half-beast.

No Idea LOL Well done, writer, director and everyone who decided about the ending, you did a splendid job here! Ivoire June 26, at 3: Ivoire June 25, at They all become best buddies.

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KC despite is the lead of the drama, he actually have a very sorrow life throughout the 24 episodes of the drama I would say. Watch ‘ Kangchi, the Beginning ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. We set dramacraz a fantastic character who stood up for the weak and used his strength for the greater good.


Kang-chi promises to come running if he dramaccrazy signals for help, and asks if he really thinks that the Gu Family Book exists.

Lee Soon-shin says that if he believes in becoming human, then it must exist. She’s been dead for days so it fulfills the prophecy part enough. None of us would have expect that from Joseon era, it would travels all the way to My heart still hurts. I know this was too rpisode to dream of but for goodness sake, they made me fall in love with a gumiho baby!

And what made it even worse was that this wasn’t even a crappy drama. Jan 24, at 4: Jun 25, at 6: KC already left with no family members and the only he trusted the most is YW. I was glad to let out a grand sigh of relief when it turned out he had just decided to leave to live as a real gumiho for a very long time. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Bravo, Lee Seung Gi, you are daebak as always.

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I don’t see why the ending would be so upsetting. Yoon Se Ah Supporting Dramacrazyy. Jlee June 25, at 9: Rovi June 25, at I would like episodee say thank you very much for your hardworks all this time. Because of that ending.


The writer really taken us by suprise. Jan 24, at 2: Monk said last time that a love that started under that scene was detrimental to YW–it was her fate to die bcos of that love. I guess most people just didn’t expect this outcome and getting angry because of it.

He does in fact have a stump for a hand. A girl with veil tries to shoo away a fox. I’m craving for the better sequel. Ok, I got over the YW dying, wasn’t necessary and stupid but I got over it.

I can’t drag myself to watch ep How and why did we end up hu the modern times?! Jang Ok-Jung last 2 episodes seems crappy too as what i’ve heard.

Kangchi, the Beginning

Good alternative ending, esp about the baby gumihos, esp if they show us a glimpse of how that kinda happened And this might be just me, however, when KC asked YW to go home, I wish that for once, she had actually listened to him, his reason was valid, imho. Men I cried in the last ep but it was funny when it is hope to see season 2 to it with the same character.

Is it really 24 is the last episode?

All good questions, all valid!!