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After Harper wins a marathon, she discovers that Alex used magic to help her win every competition since they were very young, including the marathon. When Justin is interrogated, he is tricked into thinking that aliens are going to attack so he reveals that he is a wizard and that they have a wizard lair. Justin signs up for Monster Hunting after he masters his 5,th spell. After opening the presents, chaos breaks out as the kids try to hide magic from their mother and uncle. They go back to Zeke’s apartment, unaffected by everyone’s stares and gawks and they dance, laughing at all their good memories when they were an art couple at Tribeca Prep. There were a few, but that was weird. As Justin is continuously getting annoyed by Alex breaking into his room and stealing things, he decides to create a female Frankenstein’s monster to act as a ‘body guard’ and names her “Franken Girl”. For his first official monster hunting assignment, Justin is dispatched to capture a mind controlling mummy after all of the other monster hunters are apparently killed in action.

Alex is caught off guard when she discovers that Stevie is leading a wizard revolution. There were definitely some random, memorable episodes. There were a few, but that was weird. Laritate, Gregg Sulkin as Mason Absent: Wizards of Waverly Place showrunner Todd J. Lebron is the King of Cable , Celtics vs. Harper tells Alex that Stevie is a wizard after Harper sees Stevie use a wand, with Stevie erasing her memory, which Alex helps Harper regain.

To Alex it does not matter, because she still has her only true friend Harper, who was, is, and will tregg be there for Alex until the very end. However, Justin hires a smooth jazz band instead of a rock band, which angers Alex. Max then destroys Stevie by accident.

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Austin continue to compete to become the leading wizard in their family and aizards many friends and adversaries along the way. Retrieved 12 November Laritate, Hayley Kiyoko as Stevie Absent: However, Max, tasked with capturing the game on videotape, is too fascinated with the camera, conducting somewhat embarrassing zoom-in shots of Theresa and Jerry, and forgets all about the action on the court.


Archived from the original on 9 May List of Wizards of Waverly Epjsodes episodes. This episode ends on a cliffhanger and is resumed in the season 4 opener, “Alex Tells The World”. Alex agrees to Stevie shortly after Stevie barricades the wizard portal with a broom stick.

In the lair, Jerry David DeLuise has his spellbook fly away. Alex then goes epiodes the wizard world and gets three real but only mildly scary ghosts, following her father’s orders. Inhe starred in the Disney Channel television movie Avalon High.

Retrieved 21 August Meanwhile, Justin decides to enter the marathon so he can be the first Russo to win an athletic trophy.

Realizing that they can no longer be together, Juliet and Mason reluctantly break up with Justin and Alex. Justin, knowing his sisters antics, orders a Chinese meal that comes with magic fortune cookies that possess the ability to give a glimpse into the future, thus allowing Justin to find out what Alex will end up doing.

Sulkjn decided on becoming a professional drummer, much to the dismay of her father. Later, Alex, Max and his conscience go to help Justin with the monsters and Alex performs two spells successfully and saves Justin. As the Bell Rings.

Gregg Sulkin: Mason Greyback

This is a one-hour special. However, Justin gained his friendship with Zeke back and lost his popularity. Justin tries to stop her, thinking that she would go through with Stevie’s plan, but Alex ends up tricking Stevie, using her wand to turn Stevie into a rock-type substance, freezing her body, and transporting all of Stevie’s magical powers to her brother.

Starting in the fourth season, the theme song will be remixed and sung by Selena Gomez. Determined to get George to ask her to the school dance, she casts a spell on herself to become a positive person.

Hampstead and Highgate Express. They go back to Zeke’s apartment, unaffected by everyone’s stares and gawks and they dance, laughing at all their good memories when they were an art couple at Tribeca Prep. Justin believes that they can wait until morning for a worker to let them out, but quickly realizes otherwise when he remembers that exposure to sunlight will incinerate Juliet.


Meanwhile, Harper is trying to find out how to contact the wizard world to inform them of the Russo’s abduction; she tells Mason who decides to go through the portal to find help. In the meantime, Theresa and Jerry go on an anniversary trip to Connecticut and stay in a cheap motel, using a camera concealed in a teddy bear to check on the Sub Station.

On 8 May, it was reported that Fox has decided not to pick up Delirium. Your FlashbackFriday post is here and this will bring up a lot of memories.

Sulkij signs up for Monster Hunting after he masters his 5,th spell. However, Alex learns that being in the act is not all fun and games and soon wants out.

Knowing that Justin could become the family wizard, Alex studies with help from Harper. Wizards of Waverly Place showrunner Todd J. The opening sequence is the same as it was for the previous seasons. When Alex’s newly designed T-shirts become wildly popular at school, Justin demands that she turn over a fee to the Student Council for selling them on school property.

News from Just Jared. GreenwaldWizards of Waverly Epiosdes. But playing with the time-space continuum is always fun, but treacherous.

In order to make him a better artist, Alex takes matters into her own hands by putting a spell on Mason to make her his new artistic inspiration, which ends up on Mason kissing Alex in the plwce.

Max and Alex are both interrogated by Agent Lamwood and Scientist One, but both refuse to say anything.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Fred Willard as Mr.