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For being un-amped you really can’t ask for more ha ha. I have worn David Clark headsets for hours on end during aircraft engine runs. Continue to next page 01 I don’t think you really tried to listen to music with these cans. Written by winston Published Dec 12, The downside to the Grado’s is the ergonomics – I have a small head and they just about fit, they feel very old fashioned in their design and manufacture. I close my eyes, and suddenly the bells, the bows and drum sticks are in front of me, conveying more than sound, but ultimately their very existence through an aural archive of this sonic bliss. My head is also not very big so the angle of the cans wasn’t really flat.

For some reason, the grooves on this metal bar aren’t very horizontal, so it’s not too inclined to stay in the plastic forever. This is because I think, just as all the reviews say, that the is are a mid-focused can. It worked perfectly and made them comfy, but you shouldn’t have to modify two things just to make them comfortable. The pad took the strain off the top of my head, but it’s still on my neck, and I’ll really feel it if I am wearing them for a couple hours or so. For the first few months every time I use my ears hurt because of the ear pads are really uncomfortable. Cons – Genere picky, can be fatigue for long term listening. GoldenGuy66 , Nov 13,

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Yes, my password is: They finally arrived, after a about a week and a half. Somehow, between the turning of the cans, the stress of the weight of the cans, the angle and pressure from taking them off and putting them on, this metal gradp wiggles out and from then on it’s revidw loose.


Continue to next page 01 I am not an audiophile, really just a person that enjoys music a lot and its a part of me. I never xr325is any thought into comfort. Click here to see marvinong’s full review Brilliant sound, but some real design issues. Best Headphones for Being open they’re not the sort of cans you’d wear outside of the house anyway I’m sat at my desk when listening with them, so this isn’t an issue. The Prestigge headphones are significantly lighter, but not of the same build quality as the SRe model.

The Good The sturdily built Grado Prestige Series SRe headphones offer very clear, detailed sound and spacious stereo imaging thanks to the open-back design.

Where it starts to win out though is longer term listening satisfaction. And that, if it were where things ended, would be a really good value for the price. You want this Total 0.

Not really, But the bass behaves very well during good recordings. With hybrid headphones all the rage, what happens if you choose something more bespoke? To my ears the vocal qualities mids emerge beautifully while some instrumentation, particularly in rock, are sacrificed.

The sg325is was very pleasing and controlled without muffling vocals and the soundstage was well seperated. No, create an account now.

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I would use the IEMs for sound engineering but I would gladly use the is for audio bliss and enjoyment. But then even after these modifications there are still problems. This will be strictly for home use when I rotate back to the US. With this in mind, why would you bother with such a design? I now know the difference between the open- and closed-back headphones see my earlier equipment reviews for a detailed explanation, as in this example of Audio-Technica ATH-ADXand actively select an appropriate pair for a particular sound, just like I pick the right glass for the next drink.


They sell them by the truck loads here.

The first chance I got, I popped the jack into my iPod Classic. More Items from iFi Audio Gemini3. But that’s just “ME”.

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The sound won’t disappoint revisw they feel like they’ll last forever. Hi everyone, Just wanted to give my two cents re: Now is this going to play skrillex without being harsh?

The sound of SRis is on the bright side of neutral. The mids are warm and lively, with just the right amount of tonal balance.

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I would give this a 5 if it gdado torture me everytime i wear it xD The main- perhaps only- reason why open backed headphones preetige is that the Grado has a performance that effortlessly extends beyond the confines of the earpads. And with the industrial-grade cord and beefy plug, the reality is that they’re designed for home rather than mobile use read: HoloLens 3 might be meant for you. The detail to the low end is impressive though and compliments the rest of the frequency range nicely.