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Don’t have an account? They changed the cushion-like padding design to a hybrid of over-ear and on-ear. Not made for office use. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. By the way, I spoke personally with Richard Grado to make a request to fit and ship my SRe with “S” cushions, and he obliged with no questions asked. The Rundown Build Quality. Taken as a whole, provided you understand how Grado sees their headphones being used and you dig their appearance, the e has to be seen as a successful update over what went before.

Not intended for commuting. This can get uncomfortable or cause pain and soreness during long listening sessions. Speech to Noise Ratio is the difference in level between speech and background noise as heard by the listener. The SRe struggle in loud environments. If you want to use your headphone outdoors without the bulk and hassle of the Boom mic. They are decently stable for casual listening sessions and the ear pad design adds a little more stability but they will slip off your ears if you tilt your head too far.

Over-emphasis sounds piercing and painful, under-emphasis sounds dull and lispy. Although I must admit On the upside like the SR60e, they don’t apply much pressure to your head, especially for an on ear design. When a company carries out a model refresh, it is almost an unspoken convention that whatever engineering improvements they carry out will be graod by an aesthetic refresh too.

Well, this is going to be a short section. Audio manufacturers are not significantly different in this regard.

Already have an account? You want this Total 0. They are comfortable enough for an hour or so. Here you can vote for our next review. The higher the value, the larger the perceived size of the soundstage. Audio input using via an RCA connectors.

The range that the wireless headphones can reach before dropping any audio when in direct line of sight of the Bluetooth device. No, create an account now.

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Should you buy the Grado? Grado SRe Headphone Headphones They determine whether the sound is perceived to be coming from inside or in front of the head, how open and spacious the soundstage is, how much the headphones acoustically interact with the environment, and how strong the phantom center is.


Our traditional open-back design features enhanced airflow through the rear metal grill, and reproduction that is the definition of high fidelity, with crystal clear spatial placement. The SRe will produce a sound that is pure Grado, with warm harmonic colors, rich full bodied vocals, excellent dynamics, and an ultra-smooth top end. It is the lowest frequency at which the frequency response reaches -3dB of the target response.

Speech to Noise Ratio is the difference in level between speech and background noise as heard by the listener. They also have noticeable distortion in the treble range which makes their sound harsh.

For example when whispering, or talking on the phone in a library. Updated Nov 26, The amount of deviation weighted standard error in bass frequency response 20HzHz as compared to a target response that would sound perfectly balanced to most people. The simulated noise isolation of the headphones, demonstrating how much outside noise is blocked out by putting the headphones on. This is purely a measurement of the force applied, which does not take into account the earpad’s surface area and the resulting pressure you will feel, on or around your ears.

The SRe are designed for critical listening. Your name or email address: All is right with the world. When you want to use a wired headphone with your Xbox One controller.

They don’t block office chatter, and they leak a lot which will be audible even at lower volumes. The amount of deviation of each frequency response pass, from the average frequency response.

Rechargeable batteries usually charge via the headphones Micro-USB port whereas AAA batteries have to be replaced or charged with an external device.

Uri Cohen and Joy-of-radio like this. We make money from contributions directly from you here which gives you access to extra features and when you buy a product after clicking a link to a retailer. To know how compatible your Bluetooth device, console or PC will be with your wired or wireless headset. What is the Grado like for music? They’re not versatile enough to be good everyday headphones. The overall dimensions of the e are completely unchanged so logic suggests that these mystery components are effectively unchanged.


When your headphones run out of power. That glaring brightness is gone!

When you don’t want people to hear what you are listening to. Elsewhere, the process of extensive fine tuning has seen the SRe undergo a number of changes that individually might only make a tiny difference to performance – changing the glue used to assemble the housings for example – but they add up to a headphone that is almost all new.

However, charging time will vary depending on your power source. Soundstage qualities are not inherent to the audio content, the headphones have to ‘create’ them rather than ‘reproduce’ them.

Therefore, it is important whenever a good quality of speech transmission and intelligibility is needed. When they do change models, you need to have a microscope and a worrying knowledge of what went before to spot the differences.

Headphones with higher group delay xeries the bass range tend to have a wimpy and loose bass, and headphones with higher group delay in the treble range tend to have a less transparent imaging.

When you want to use a wired headphone with your PS4 controller.

HFE is one the most important factors in speech intelligibility. High latency means you will hear the audio much later than the images you see on screen. How We Test We purchase graso own headphones and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily.

Grado Prestige Series SR225e . Your impressions and opinions please.

The level of audio fidelity a headphone can reproduce. Converted to Test Bench 1. The sound is warm, but still very detailed.