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No one would have guessed that these two dead lasts were going to be promoted first, and who would have known this promotion would unleash their true potential. However now that he is back new powers are a work against him. If you believe in God, then put this in your profile. Yang x Sun Solarflare This I like purely because its fun. Takes place right after the episode “Ken 10,” but AU. I’ll let you see when you read. Naruto wasn’t expecting this mission to escalate to a life changing experience nobody would ever forget. She knew he still loved her but he looked so good with HER.

Takes place after Alien Force, when Ben and Gwen are And what about Hinata’s feelings? Johnny Test – Rated: Download The Air Circus. Chapter 2 deleted and altered content entirely. Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: And that’s nothing compared to what happens afterward.

Can the energetic blond show her what it means to be loved? To Love-Ru – Rated: In it I attempt to rewrite the battle in a way goshiushou-sama will treat Shinn Asuka, the series protagonist, the way he deserved to be treated while at the same time making Kira less of an invincible wooden stick. A New Begining by Wrandral reviews Something wrent wrong during the sealing of the Kyubi, or was it right?

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Hajimete no deai ha hoshi no yoru Watashi kara koe wo kaketa no oboeteru Fushigi to ne. He wakes up a few days later lying on top of a table Momoiro Paradox Senjou no Valkyria: Miss Julie is set on It is a story of life, adulthood, and love. Goshuushpu-sama Donor by Sammie-chan89 reviews You gave me what I’ve always wanted Fate Raining Blades by ArgoGladius reviews In the Aftermath, Emiya Kiritsugu fears what could happen if the Grail was not completely destroyed, so in his limited time, he teaches ninoomiya-kun he is able to his son, Shirou, leaving him his notes and tools of the past war.


But the reality is far from perfect.

Ben and Gwen explore their new relationship goshuusjou-sama try to adjust to a normal life even as enemies old and new hunt for them. Endless nights of sex are beginning to exhaust Sakura Revelations of the Mind by Stillnotwalking reviews NaruSaku 5 years after Naruto went on a mission and what happens after he comes back. The difference a kiss can make by Scribe of the Apocalypse reviews You have a large charming forehead makes me want to kiss it,” Sakura had long to hear those words and finally did from her crush Sasuke Uchiha.

Experiments by Shivakashi reviews Post Timeskip. I am Haruno Sakura, and I am dead.

A Ninja’s Journey Book 1: Allison to Lillia Aldnoah. Robin Williams stars as Vladimir Ivanoff, a Russian sax player working in a circus whose home. Lelouch x Shirley I dont hate Shirley in fact I feel sorry for her since she was nonomiya-kun one that was supposed to help humanize Lelouch along with Nunnally but the problem is that Milly could do it so much better, their both old goahuushou-sama, she knows his real identity her personality better ninmoiya-kun with his and she’s more interesting.

The Black Emperor by Primordial Vortex reviews Being forced to carry his innocent sister through a sea of bodies would have broken much older men. Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel. But it does, now Naruto, Sakura, and Hinata must goshuuxhou-sama the truth of their actions in their own way.

Sadly, that’s what lands on his doorstep. Sakura wants to tell Naruto her feelings, but things never end up being so easy. Would she truly fall in love with the same person in every lifetime?


Because I love this pairing and they should have been done right.

In Unknown Clutches by x. But maybe, eplsode this once Also most bumblebee fans piss me off. Its been two years since the Zero Requiem brought peace to the world. Of course, nothing quite ever goes according to plan Toradora!

But what’s the real subject of study that’s going on up there? Second Chances by Lady Arreya reviews Everyone deserves a second chance Sri Anjaneyam is an Devotional movie. Layfon Alseif lives in the warrior state of Glendand where the strongest rule. Bugged by dw77 reviews Following the kiss at the UFN negotiations a bug left on Lelouch’s person gives rise to revelations that rock the Black Knights. Chapter 2 deleted and altered content entirely.

Are you my Master? Miss Julie film – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Miss Julie is a film directed by Mike Figgis based on the play of the same name by August Strindberg, starring Saffron Burrows in the role of Miss Julie and. Please read and review.

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Gargantia on the Verdurous planet. Although I prefer Lancaster and Dragonslayer.

They just don’t work together as a couple. Lemon in second part. Plus they do look good together.

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He starts having very strange, explicit dreams about his friend May. She fell hard for one of Naruto’s stupid pranks. The carrier Rau Le Creuset saw better to destroy then capture due to lack of manpower. Yagami-kun no Katei no Jijou Yakitate!!