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Gorantha Deepam – Episode – January 13, Durgamma walks on the line of fire at the Durga temple. Padmavathi tells moral lesson to the children, in this she says about the importance of mother and also teaches them to save people who are in poverty. Gorantha Deepam – Episode – December 18, Vijaya asks her husband to give his car so that she could attend Suresh’s wedding event. Dhanam praises Kavitha for her creative thinking. Upon hearing this, Padmavathi gets stunned. Padmavathi explains Sinayya why he fought with his brothers in the first place.

Gorantha Deepam – Episode – December 13, If she doesn’t do so, she will cancel Dhanam’s wedding with Suresh. Upon hearing about Tulasi’s health condition, Padmavathi gets stunned. Sinayya and Simhadri discussed about their way of leading life. Upon hearing this, Padmavathi gets stunned. One of the pieces falls near Sinayya and seeing it Sinayya gives it to Srinu.

Collector went to school for the ‘Inspection’.

Gorantha Deepam Daily Serial – E 723 – 27th July 2015

Gorantha Deepam – Episode – January 13, Vijaya’s brother discussed with Sinayya about Padmavathi’s character and her beauty as he was in love with Padmavathi.

Gorantha Deepam – Episodes Pandu and Yadigiri provoke Sinayya. Hearing this Durgamma scolded Nukalu in front of all the people.

Padmavathi decided to continue her job for the sake of her parents and look after them. Padmavathi seeing collector’s family members at her house hides herself and gets worried that they will reveal the truth regarding her job to Durgamma. Later, the doctor tells Satyam and Padmavathi that Tulasi’s operation has been successful. Durgamma told the lawyer that she will keep her whole property as a surety for the Mother diary factory’s loan. Hearing this Nukalu stopped Padmavathi and talked rudely about her character.


Eventually, Durgamma agrees to conduct Suresh’s marriage with Dhanam. She then decides to walk on a line fire at the temple.

Vijaya’s brother asked Sinayya to see teacher’s photos in his mobile but Sinayya disagreed to see and threw the mobile away. Stay tuned to gorwntha more. Durgamma told the lawyer to prepare documents and also take signatures from her family members.

Sinayya appeals to them to stop behaving in such a rude manner.

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dee;am Durgamma told in front of the public and Jogayya that she will bring mother dairy factory to her place. Durgamma told Padmavathi to give a ‘bindhi’ to Manga. Gorantha Deepam – Episode – December 4, Durgamma tells Manga to take all the responsibilities of Dhanam’s marriage and conduct it in a grand manner. Padmavathi lied to Satyam about Tulasi’s kidney matter.

Dhanam appeals Durgamma to consent to her marriage with Suresh. She answers to various queries of the viewers based on their rashi, nakshatram, date of birth etc. Durgamma declaress her decision to cancel Dhanam’s wedding with Suresh.


Meanwhile the collector started his inspection at the school. Manga stopped Nukalu from leaving the house and told that she plotted a trick to capture Durgamma’s property. Durgamma tells Padmavathi about her sons.

Gorantha Deepam – Episode – January 7, Upon hearing about Tulasi’s health condition, Padmavathi gets stunned. Gorantha Deepam – Episode – December 10, Also Srinu gave money to Padmavathi to buy medicines episove her mother.

Gorantha Deepam – Episode – January 3, This bright girl, who aspires to study and to support her family, is been forced to get married under traditional and communal belief called ‘Bottu Pettadam’.

Satyam then tells Padmavathi that if depeam transplantation is not done, Tulasi will die within a few days. This serial uniquely portrays the combination of Traditional values and young Aspirations.