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By the way, thank you for these reviews of yours, they are a great guide to accompany the watching of episodes! Tiger Holland August 10, at 8: The PSH kiss was so sadddd I just have to understand it. Anonymous February 17, at 5: And Hyo-rin has lost some interest for me, she has ceased to be apparently a real rival for Chaekyung, just a silly girl! Maybe this is also a “need a better actor” to portray the character better?

Sad Yul is Sad! He has come to consider it the same thing, since Park Tae-joon chased Dad around and threatened him, but the death was an accident. That moment was awkward, and her posture didn’t help either. Seol sees that Mom has prepared a bag of clothing — obviously for Dan — and plays it off, telling her cheerily to go. Both talked and led to the sweetest back hug in this drama! I loved the scene where Mr. Shin and Chae-kyeong try everything they can to cheer up the Empress Dowager. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

Cos they forgot to bring a change of clothes reca were in such a hurry. Seol sees that Mom has prepared a bag of clothing — obviously for Dan — and plays it off, telling her cheerily to go. I suppose it depends on what you’re looking for food, shopping, sightseeing, or other purposes. Ercap is considered a classic, but there are many other K-dramas I’d recommend first, just in terms of pacing and plot development.


It gets much much better!

Coffee PrincefansubbingGoongGoong S. Bullying of any kind to anyone makes me feel sick to my stomach, I was bullied in school and it is not a nice feeling nor something I would like anyone to go through.

Jung-woo points out the inconsistency of her logic, because if she dislikes him thanking people, goojg does she feel about making him apologize to people? Hm, I think you should let Dream High handle the meta jokes.

Where lightning strikes once, there will always be producers camping out wanting it to strike again, it I’m actually suprised and like dramabean said that she’s keeping up until now!

I agree though comments unrelated to My Princess should be saved for the Open Thread posts. What have I done?????

Lilian February 19, at goongg I may be spotty with some of I may be leaving his side now but… I think in 2. Hae-young finds the house empty; Seol, after calling Secretary Oh, has left the house. I’m glad you waste water!!! Nor is she to be in contact with Yoon-ju again. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Hmmm, wonder how LS happened to fall asleep in HY’s arms during the fireplace scene? Well, I suppose a girl who has no idea how to love would have a few misguided notions about the principle.

-Kylecris’ Haven-: GOONG EPISODE SUMMARY Epissode

When she opens the door. The only person i like is the lovely grandma. I didn’t notice it.


When you have A-lister chemistry, you can overlook how misogynistic the whole “romance” was. Episode 12 by LollyPip.

On top of that, the OST and instrumental music is sooo good and just perfect. I stopped watching after ep.

I watched this about a year ago and enjoyed it and so when I was reminded about it here I decided to watch again. I thought he was going to definitely succumb to her icy cold stares, but he stood his ground! Although I will agree that she may not have acted the role of secret agent well, she did in fact act well in IRIS and her ability to cry in a not-so-ugly way is remarkable.

Throwback Thursday: Princess Hours / Goong

Although apparently nothing is happening, things are being cooked, and gong characters are starting to reveal what they are like, especially Yul and his mother. Then I start to think more about the exact points I will give the 2 dramas. Btw the winner of the showdown is clear for this noona it’s Song Seung-heon for sure.

Thanks for the recap