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So we finally got the much awaited kiss in epi 12, though not as adrenalin pumping or heart stopping as Yujin n UTW grinders in could we love or hJE n JS whoppers in Secret ,the tender chaste sealer still made me catch my breath. Now, that she’s not leading, he needs to do the pursuing and he doesn’t know how. Considering how easily she was swayed by her temper and emotions at the beginning of the show, her character has gone through some serious growth — yet she is still quintessentially Ae-ra. Definitely agree about LMJ’s acting! I prefer to find out something new and not typical. So true that JW and AR did not communicate enough especially when they were facing hardships and trouble. He may be a brilliant computer programmer and may appear sophisticated and desirable man to the public, but he’s a completely insecure dork around AR.

Wang Bit Na Supporting Cast. There’s only 5 episodes left dude! Goodness me, he sure knows how NOT to get a date! Episodes by odilettante. And that 2nd lead lady–She’s been working along side JW for how many years now? Meanwhile, outside his studio, Seung-hyun hugs Ae-ra no awkward back hug this time! Guadel April 6, at


Gosh, I wonder how many takes the two had to make before perfecting that scene. You cannot overcome 4 years of memories and it’s not like they split up because they didn’t gooddrqma each other!

That being said, he’d have a much better chance to woo Ae-ra if he shows off his skills and not use his status. What’s great about her that sets her apart from the others, is her talent to project different emotions with her facial expressions.


And when it want to wring your heart it does it so well too! When we met him as CEO, he was all about cunnin Funny epiosde is, when Jung Woo is bent on making a good impression on her, it doesn’t affect Ae Ra one bit.

Oh, Show, you would have been so much better if you had the courage to deliver in episode With some subtle guiding from Jung-woo, Manager Kam calls Ae-ra who, as per usual, is working late and demands that she help him make the CEO feel better, for the good of the company.

Lee Jong Soo Supporting Cast. The last minute of this episode is my favorite part when SH gently pulls in AR for a tender hug. His versatility as an actor is proven here. So maybe in the finale. Agree about the hug. Episodes by LollyPip. She was so good in BOF, snigle whole family thought she and Junpyo should have gotten married!

Kim Eung Soo Supporting Cast. Oppa is cursed or something. Honestly, I’m quite disappointed with Seung Hyun in this episode. I can’t get over how beautiful LMJ is.

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I’ll take back whatever I said about SH. Up to now I am so amazed with JSW’s acting. I totally enjoyed the terrorist drill!


He sticks around with his parents and communicates with them. LOL to that 1st game!

After his emphatic “No. Seriously, in EC drama too. Goodness me, he sure knows how NOT to get a date!

Episode 11 was both disappointing and frustrating. Everyone has a higher self and a lower self, and with aera, we’re seeing what her higher self can be when in more secure circumstances. He comes over and the house burns down Seung-hyun seems the better balanced of the two, but Jung-woo gets Soo-cheol, the totally biased referee, to agree that Seung-hyun lost due to a technicality. How about letting it down or something?

MySelf April 6, at 4: Granted, I realize that this is just the tv model and all shows globally follow the same pattern. gooddra,a

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You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I am sure that in the end the writers will come up with some redeeming quality, but seriously We are in a very small group of people that watched AAMR. I find his actions way too tacky!