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The one character who wants the most from Shen Teh is Yang Sun. The only way to preserve her charitable ambitions and her family is to take on yet another identity. The United States officially entered the war on the side of the Allies, including Great Britain , in late after the Japanese, allies of Germany, bombed Pearl Harbor. But when Shen Teh emerges from the back room, Yang Sun manages to talk himself back into her affections, and Shen Teh admits she loves him, not the barber. They give her a thousand silver dollars. But the other character have suffered financial setbacks, and most are poor by the end of the play. She is a prostitute who give the gods lodging in her home when no one else will.

That, in a way, is what Shen Teh tries to do by taking on the guise of Shui Ta. A carpet dealer and his wife lend her the silver dollars that she needs. They give Shen Teh a thousand silver dollars so that she can continue to do good. Shui Ta is the male persona Shen Teh takes on when she needs to be a tough businessman. Yang believes that Shui Ta saves her son when he hires Yang Sun to work in the factory. The barber Shu Fu offers her a check and his barracks so that she might pay off her debts and house the homeless people around her.

To ensure the success of her business and to secure some hope of being able to do good, Shen Perso invents a male persona, a cousin named Shui Ta. Though Shu Fu, the barber, is not poor like Wang, nor does he lose his business like the carpet dealer and his wife, several of his generous acts end up hurting him.

The company also took the perspn on tour in Europe in Where Shen Teh is soft, compassionate, and vulnerable, Shui Ta is unemotional and pragmatic, even vicious; it seems that only Shui Ta is made to survive in the world in which they live.

The young pilot wants the remaining silver dollars so he can get his job.

The Good Woman of Setzuan

The next morning, the gods give her 1, silver dollars for her hospitality. After Yang Sun leaves, the barber Shu Fu comes over and tells Shui Ta he promised Shen Teh the use of some of his buildings to provide shelter for the homeless. He donates several buildings on his property to her so that she can house the homeless.


The only way to do this is to be Shui Ta. Shui Ta is running the shop when Yang Sun shows up.

When Shen Teh arrives at her shop the next morning, the locals are upset persson she was late bringing them food. Two get in a fight and break some of her shelving. However, Yang Sun doesn’t return Shen Teh’s feelings but simply uses her for money and Shen Teh quickly falls pregnant with his child.

When knocking is heard again, at the top of the next scene, it announces the quick-fix to the rapidly multiplying relatives: The New Deal was questioned by Republicans, while the WPA was ended entirely because the war created many new jobs and the maximum use of resources. The policeman continues, making the connection between marriage and prostitution even more explicit: Realizing their importance, he goes from house to house, person to person, trying to find them lodging for the night.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Late evening in the harbor. Shen Te’s Tobacco Shop: Shen Teh is rewarded for her hospitality, as the gods take it as a sure sign of goodness. In scene seven, when Shen Teh is in danger of losing her business and cease her charitable ways, Shu Fu writes her a blank check so that she can save herself.

This knee-jerk approach, laying a tendentious template over a work of art to see where it lines up, is particularly frustrating in the case of Brecht because it is so unnecessary. Those most affected by the war with Japan, from eastern and central China, were forced to retreat westward. In a sense, Shen Teh quickly fails the test, as she is forced to introduce the invented cousin Shui Ta as overseer and protector of her interests.

To save herself, Shen Teh invents a cousin, Shui Ta, who is a hard-nosed businessman.


The gods appear to Wang in a dream. Most of the problems, and much of the…. The title character, Shen Te, is a poor but warmhearted prostitute. In addition, the advertisement he writes emphasizes that Shen Te wants to marry for money: The play implies that economic systems determine a society’s morality. He almost persuades her to sell her shop to get the other silver dollars.

Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. She purchases a tobacco shop but finds szechsan her kinsfolk and other customers take advantage of her kindness. The contradiction has already been set forth: Shin seems nice after she learns and keeps the secret that Shen Teh and Shui Ta are the same person.

The couple is supportive of Shen Teh, and when they learn, she does not have enough money to pay her rent, they lend her the funds. It is for the spectator to figure out how a good person can possibly come to a good end in a world that, in essence, is not good.

Scene 3 — Scene 4 Interlude. This time, however, Shen Te chooses not to marry for money.

But because Shu Fu is enamored with Shen Teh, he does some good things to try and assist summafy. Sun reveals that he cannot find a job, while Shen Teh reveals she has worked as a prostitute.

The Good Person of Szechwan |

Yang Sun is an unemployed pilot with whom Shen Teh falls in love. Good Woman of Setzuan, The “‘. At the beginning of the play, she is simply a local prostitute who is nice enough to turn down business so that the gods have a place to stay for the night. Congress outlawed strikes in industries vital to the war effort. Szechwn you for your feedback.