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However Danielle had also hired an assassin to kill Golgo for the blackmail but now realises that he was not responsible and tries to persuade the assassin to abort but due to pride he continues. Assignment Kowloon movie to your friends by: Golgo then proceeds to kill the lookalike after he proceeds to gun down his henchmen. The Street Fighter After glancing at the child Golgo leaves. There should have been more Golgo movies with Sonny Chiba! Sure, it can be over the top sometimes, but, as they say, Golgo 13 makes the impossible possible. We really appreciate your help, Thank you very much for your help!

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. A tough-as-nails cop from Okinawa investigates a savage murder in Tokyo’s nightlife district. He tracks down a target and plans to kill Duke during a job but ultimately ends up biting off more than he can chew. The film is loyal to the character, but could had used a better actor portraying the cop chasing Duke- A proper antagonist is also missing here, so the film mostly keeps throwing generic enemies for Chiba to kick, punch and shoot. A good movie is a perfect time pass as it not only entertains you but also gives you the best exposure on your favorite generic. For those who don’t care much, the plot is simple, but the analytical can delve as far into the meaning of it as they want- just like in Golgo Brigitta, a female assassin is hired to kill Golgo 13, but she knows she is no match for him.

Schulze being a rich man is thought to have had plastic surgery to change his aassignment, but his mistress is prominent in the Monte Carlo casino scene.

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Koji Tsuruta as Senzo Shigemune. Golgo shoot the halogen gas fire system releasing the gas into the airtight room. When I first watched it years ago I didn’t know what Golgo 13 was so it was just a random Sonny Chiba film to me.

Golgo burns her clothes so she cannot escape the log cabin as she would freeze to death outside and gives a local girl an expensive coat to look after her. While Golgo evades Grebbick’s goons, Ron’s girlfriend recognises Golgo as her child’s father from a previous sexual encounter. At first, these appear to be unrelated, but eventually they form a central plot. However a disgruntled employee has switched Earp’s lucky bowling ball with a bomb and Earp takes his lucky charm everywhere he goes.


At their destination, having made love at night, she follows him to his job. Japanese staff Japanese cast Director: Confronting Hank, the mother accidentally shoots Hank and the accomplice escapes to deliver the money to his boss, without realizing that Golgo has been hired by the mob to kill those responsible for robbing their casino.

Kowloon Assignment in HD”. So so adaptation of the manga, this time with Sonny Chiba instead of Ken Takakura who was slightly more fitting for the role. Terry O’Brien as Schultz. However he escapes but crashes his car.

The assassination goes off without a hitch but the remaining owner has already worked out what Earp will do and fires him. Karate Bear Fighter Not every manga series published in English kkwloon be a hit, but how often do the publishers themselves sell books at a loss?

Thankfully, Urban Vision has re-released this classic, as it was originally released by Streamline, which is famous for its [bad] dubs.

Golgo 13: Assignment Kowloon (live-action movie)

As Golgo 13 infiltrated the cult, he is quickly recognized as a threat and ordered to be killed. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Criminals plant a bomb on a high-speed train.

Kowloon Assignment movie available in HD format anytime by fill a simple form and clicking button below. Once the horse is dead and knowing that his job was revealed he goes after the chairman. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat Using his vast wealth and connections he has Golgo’s secret bank accounts and cards frozen.


Write a customer review. The story is simillar to ” Professional by Luc Besson”, and the tone can be compared to John Woo’s films.

Nobuaki Nakajima Takeshi Matsumoto Music: Golgo is hired to assassinate Steinbeck III as he is the leader of a secret rogue intelligence organization assignmeht sells out all types of classified information to kowlooh countries called MC However they are shot dead upon arrival from another plane on the tarmac that had overtaken them from Rome while they had refueled in Nairobi. Theron Martin has the details. Read reviews that mention queen bee sonny chiba duke togo golgo 13 professional makes the impossible years ago golgo queen ,owloon anime best action fan of the golgo anime ever golgo 13 makes golgo 13 movie classic japanese assassin animation movies dvd films.

As Nabarro leaves the hotel on Christmas day Golgo causes him to turn around before sniping him from his room, so it appears that the shooter was at street level.

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However he escapes assigmment leads the goons straight to the meat factory and lures them out of their cars where the sirocco wind is blowing the sand from the desert restricting their visibility, where he picks them off. It will explode when the train slows down, unless a ransom is paid.

Angry that he was used, he hires Golgo 13 to kill the millionaires right before he dies. We really appreciate your help, Thank you very much for your help! This site does not store any files on its server.

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