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But when Parker refuses to provide Fred and Dustin with temporary access, the two claims square up for war. Todd junks his old washplant, after finding out it’s losing gold, only to discover his new washplant is weeks away. Retrieved February 2, Retrieved 29 November But just as they celebrate their best clean-out ever, Dakota Fred returns and drops a bombshell on Todd, Jack and crew. But that doesn’t stop them from hunting gold in one of the world’s most inhospitable places – the bottom of the frozen Bering Sea. Hoffman’s looking for new mining ground in Oregon. Tensions flare when Neil plans to purchase lumber for the Motherlode mine from Jeremy.

Parker is convinced to re-open his Fantasyland cut. The Dakota Boys set their sights on the virgin mountain claim known as Cahoon Creek. Todd’s chief investor arrives unannounced and threatens to pull the plug after he finds the mine at a standstill. The Hoffmans pull out a secret weapon to thaw frozen gold-rich paydirt. Parker moves his washplant to other side of cut. Jack and Todd go head-to-head over how to set up their new claim. Parker and his foreman Rick take a chance on a new cut.

Tony’s dredge takes a hit as he puts a rookie winchman in the hot seat. The remnants of the Hoffman crew reach their lowest point, but someone brings Todd good news; Tony Beets fires his barge captain, then runs aground up the mighty Yukon River; Rick Ness finally gets Parker Schnabel’s second operation up and running.

Current Episode aired 22 Feb. Without water, the crew must go to extreme measures to save boldrausch season. Views Read Edit View history.

Sunrise in Cape Town’s Main Square. Hunter makes a tough decision to shut down Monster Red once he discovers that mining all day produced a 4 ounce cleanup. Retrieved December 15, Todd Hoffman faces closure if he fails to get ounces of gold for his investor.


Retrieved February 8, Todd’s whole operation is brought to a halt; Parker’s plant move turns into an excavator nightmare and a massive fix means Tony can finally get his broken dredge up and running. The Hoffmans overcome a lack of water to get a monster clean up. The Dakota boys hire new miners seasson one is quickly terminated. The Hoffmans are finally on the gold, but a new love threatens to derail mechanic James Harness right when onkine crew needs him most. Parker and the team will have to hunt for food out on the trail for 4 weeks.

And, Freddy drops a bombshell. Rick faces mutiny from his crew of greenhorns. Parker threatens to shut down Rick’s Indian River operation after production drops. Archived onlune the original on 29 October Tony arrives to find his million-dollar dredge in disaster. Team Hoffman just went from 10 steps behind to steps behind.

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Retrieved 5 November The Hoffmans have to find gold — and fast. The Dakota Boys fight over rival mining plans, with one plan high in the mountains, and the other deep in the hole.

Todd races to construct a massive holding pond before a storm hits.

Todd’s investor demands to see ounces of gold in the next three weeks. Todd and new Indian River boss Dave Turin bring in 12 new machines, and 11 new crew for the season. Behind the scenes with the production crew. Winter strikes and the miners wage the final battle for the mother lode. For man and man’s best friend, the goal for some is to win.

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Disaster strikes for Tony and Todd gives his crew a shock ultimatum. With the credit cards maxed out, he is goldrsusch to take desperate measures. Cameras also follow him in his offseason home in the desert. Hoffman deals with a feud between his day and night staff. In the second part of a two-part episode, Todd’s days is up, and with no gold and just a few diamonds he faces eviction.


Wilderness expert, Karla Ann, explains her deep connection to the Yukon, how her great-grandfather struck gold, and an unbelievable story from her backcountry adventures. Todd and Dave get bulldozers stuck in deep mud; Parker breaks an seaaon Parker’s crew struggles with frozen ground; Tony rushes to finish the dredge. The team attempts to finally run potential pay dirt through the wash plant. Hunter Hoffman makes a rookie mistake that causes dysfunction in the team.

Tony races to dismantle the final sections of his million-dollar Dredge.

Todd is thousands of dollars in the hole and the 1,ounce goal looks impossible. Todd struggles to continue mining after his crew quits; Parker recklessly damages his truck’s air hoses while transporting the wash plant; and Tony discovers his dredge is blowing gold out of the sluices.

Todd’s crew unearths evidence of a massive prehistoric creature that may or may not lead to big gold. Todd doubles down with a second monster washplant.

Short on time, the Hoffman crew decides onnline run night and day in a struggle to get to the gold, while a federal mining inspector pays a surprise visit to both Fred and Parker. Parker brings in dynamite to blast a big solid rock to finish building a new road to Smith Creek. Todd needs to find a ounce down payment to make a big purchase on one of the largest washplants in the klondike.