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The situation gradually gets worse, and soon, the weeds are all over. Pogo makes ‘renovations’ on his house and has to move in with his friends. Woli decides to admit his love to Rosa, but can’t find the right way to tell her. Spaced Out Part One: Rosa is convinced that her friends are lying to her when she is rejected by an international beauty pageant. A Gift for Rosariki: After a perfect day of playing in the field, Wolli learns his horoscope says he will get a gift today. After a strong wind ruins her new hairdo, Rosa creates a magic wand and tries to make everything just right for herself.

Little do they know that there really is From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Overview Episodes TV Listings. History in the Faking: But what happens when Bigo wants it back? Doco wishes he was a butterfly, so Olga, Wolli, and Bobo try to convince him that he’s not a butterfly.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Everyone decides to write their own biographies.

After the ship is hit by an asteroid and Otto nearly dies, the three are rescued by Robo. Olga gives Wolli a new umbrella because his umbrella is gogiriki old and torn, but she doesn’t know it’s his ‘security umbrella’ and it keeps him safe.

Bobo gets upset when Doco reads his way through a fishing trip. Pogo takes Wolli and Chiko on a hike in the mountains, where they encounter an avalanche, an earthquake, and an erupting volcano; Pogo welcomes the character-building challenges, but the others hate them.


Then, he gets Doco and Chiko involved in his bad luck situation. Unfortunately for Otto and Chiko, he does this very late at night and everything he ‘invents’ already has been. Pogo and Chiko find a gun that Otto claims will make people smile. Down On His Luck: Rosa wants to play mother and wants Chiko to be her ‘baby’.

Pogo decides to become an inventor. When she later learns the mistake was hers, she plans to apologise, but hopes Woli will make the first move.

List of GoGoRiki episodes

A Star Is Born 7. First he hits the ball into Doco’s coffee, then he madnes Bobo. After Bobo hears that Strawberry Quackleaves, a type of weed, destroy gardens, he starts finding them and pulling them out of the ground. Spaced Out Part One: Wolli has his worst day when he looks in a funhouse mirror and he keeps changing shape.

In gogriki winter, Pogo and Chiko find what they believe to be a frozen Rosa, and try to thaw her out. Why you should watch The Voice, World of Dance and more! Otto decides to get rid of all his inventions. The situation gradually gets worse, and soon, the weeds are all over.

It’s fall and Wolli is depressed; summer is his favorite season. Doco is infuriated that the scientific community no longer considers Pluto a planet, and he goes on a hunger strike until they change it back. Robo returns moviw his voyage in space to visit Otto and the others. Complete Coverage of the 91st Academy Goforiki 7. Woli decides to admit his love to Rosa, but can’t find the right way to tell her. Bigo recruits everyone to help Wolli take a sea journey that he doesn’t want to take.


Chiko and Pogo decide to start burying things they’ve collected, but what happens when Wolli finds out and decides to bury his things too?

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Goglriki promises to fly his plane to help protect Bobo’s harvest, but lands in trouble when he stays up all night reading a comic book. Rosa is having a fabulous day. Meanwhile Pogo and Chiko are chasing the sun through the clouds, hoping to get in one last tan before winter. Pogo has made a bench and painted it. The Curse of Oak Island 2. It’s the Double Desert Dash, and Pogo and Chiko run into trouble early when they crash their vehicle into a cactus.

This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat After Wolli sleeps in late, Pogo consults Bigo about it.