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But I love Ryder and I hope he never ends up with her. But, when they sang Say at the end, it really got me. Recall how he knew all of those details about Beiste when he created her dating profile? Check my site out, download non stop nl, dvdrip download, download the following s02e05, download the following s02e07, archer s05e12, dekh tamasha dekh,. Can we address something that is not being talked about? I always feel Glee shouldn’t be afraid to be more serious since the silly gets beyond ridiculous.

And in the end I didn’t miss either. I was legitimately scared for those kids, especially Brittany in the bathroom. I seriously felt like punching something, also upset by the fact that the “shooting” was just an accident and nothing really BIG happen at all. I would love that, a crazy, flirty muslim girl on Glee! I have thought about this From a realistic standpoint, and a responsible one btw, having the characters hide was what should have been done. It couldn’t have been Marley because she had her phone with her when they were in the choir room while they were hiding! He had the best example of an anxiety attack that’s ever been done on television.

I can’t emphasize enough how much the decision to downplay the musical aspect of the series was a good call. You live your life quietly and then everything can shatter because of one incident.

The Buffy episode was not in response to Columbine. You people think when Ryder called that the phone rang from Kittys backpack. Overall, this episode was perfect in my opinion. All in all though, in real life, Becky just can’t do that, if it did happen, I assure you more than one person is at fault. Whether it brings them closer or they’re fearful or they’re angry. Blaine – He’s just got over his Sam-crush doubt the writers would go there again so soon.

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Though onliine isn’t there on the small stuff, Becky has shown that she can feel guilty when she does things wrong and this was a biiiiiig wrong.

And the only one who would do it for “evil” reasons is Omline the others are too “nice”, and would be more likely to do it for mostly genuine reasons – trying to get close to Ryder, make him fall for them, and hope that he would accept them when they came clean.


And what do people do when they get scared – they either confide in someone or find a way to protect themselves. I never said it was in response to the shooting.

In a show where there have been several gay characters, attractions across gender lines, and pure, petty scheming Kitty taking in Marley’s dressesANYONE could have been guilty of this.

This is me telling Glee: Fleur, I see you point, but object to it for a few reasons. I realize that, onlline, school shooting, eating disorders, domestic violence, etc.

At one point I found myself wondering if there’s not going to be anymore songs after the watcj and thinking how in the world can they write the whole NY stuff in this episode. It wasn’t Brittney cause she was in the bathroom hiding! Not many people are ready to face reality, but these issues are happening so why not shed light on to them?! Since she was actually covering for Becky, she had to come up with an excuse fast as to why she, a teacher, would have a gun at the school.

Check my site out, the amazing spider man 2 watch online, watch online supernatural s09e19, grimm s03e20 download, download bones s09e22. Whether there was an active shooter or not the kids started saying their goodbyes, they were faced with the possibility of them dying for probably the first time in their lives.

The black girl in green, ohline in that last scene Ryder texts her and inmediatelly you see the girl playing the violin, obviously that’s why she doesn’t answer.

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Who else might be a little afraid of revealing themselves, particularly to Ryder than a young, insecure transgender girl? Who has watched past seasons of these kids randomly breaking into song and dance numbers and thought, “Yep, that’s how it is. This is an excellent blog! Nothing about the show is real. Glee enabled a large group of people feel and empathize the impact of shootings on children, staff and administrators.

Who do you think it is? Jane has a watcu year contract or something. Recall how he knew all of those details about Beiste when he created her dating profile?


I know he’s a teacher and has a responsibility to the kids, but he didn’t call her or anything. No, it’s an illustration. Many people watch glee because it is safe. Ah, I’m so over Marley and Jake.

This show can be terrific if it allows its characters to be and when I did thought these lives were in danger, it was truly horrible. Those three really carried the show tonight and that’s a good thing. Glee is a fantastical show, and we’re expected to suspend a lot of disbelief when watching it And it doesn’t hurt that they are adorable together.

Glee – Season 4, episode 18

My stomach literally hurt and I covered up my eyes more than once. I can’t believe no one has gle it out that he secret Ryder’s girl is that band girl. Also, when Unique got up, she had her phone in her hand which means it probably wasn’t Unique. I really hope that next season the show will leave McKinley forever.

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So you don’t want everything to be a sitcom reset, but you don’t want to onlinee everything to its realistic conclusion. I’d like to hope that watvh won’t ever happen again and that no one has to experience it again. You are going along doing your thing, and in an instant your whole world can change due to the actions of others. Sue’s sacrifice was very noble to take the fall for Becky’s accidentally triggering the gun.

Buffy was just unlucky enough to have coincidental timing. It wasn’t even in the same ballpark as perfect. It was not a throwaway.

Nobody had to die glew get hurt to still prove a point. Prevention is always key. Or possibly just trying to live vicariously through the net, cause they believe he would NEVER accept them i.