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He tries to win his family back but Ana explodes over his affair with Thandi. Towanda’s decision to take legal action could tear the Braxton Family apart. Man enjoys companionship from taller woman. Family tension rises; Toni demands an apology. A bomb drops on Lil Mama’s budding romance. The sisters have bad news for Toni. Hard Times Season 4, Episode Season 2, Episode 8.

Ken is covered in painful bumps that make it difficult to do everyday things. Season 2, Episode 1 Full Episodes. Please enter the email address associated with your account, and we’ll send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password. Dame and Pep clash over the severity of Boogie’s addiction while Briana enters to confront a nasty rumor. Janelle digs in her heels. Washing Off Prison Season 2, Episode 4. At Matt’s release, Caitlin “inspects” her man.

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The little ones are turning six, and Kate’s planning a special birthday filled with exciting celebrations. Meanwhile, John whisks Abbie epissode on a surprise trip to ask for her hand in marriage. Johnna plans wedding after Garrett’s prison release, despite her dad’s doubts. The Braxton sisters shock all by refusing to show to up work.

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Tiffany and her crew of gospel singers are preparing for her holy matrimony, but will they sing praises to the same dresses? An unsure Paola struggles to face reality in Oklahoma. Woman lives with a rare disorder. StormZilla Sam wreaks havoc but when her rampage strikes her mother-in-law, her groom finally loses it.


When Miss Evelyn speaks to the press about Tamar’s volatile relationship with Vince, Tamar goes into hiding. Drama ignites when momager, Pepa, checks Egypt! RunawayZilla Veronica’s cold feet prompts an epic meltdown when she refuses to walk down the aisle.

Matt meets Caitlin’s mom but Caitlin loses it and storms off. Andrea breaks down with second thoughts. Love Is in the Air. Toni faces Traci about the divided sisterhood. The Winders launch their online dating profile! Romeo stands up to Master P and suffers the blowback.

When pushed too far, Tamar storms off. Kody and Christine go to check out Flagstaff, AZ. Vanessa throws a party to reunite the heirs and clear the air while Romeo gets caught up in a love triangle.

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Mary’s reunion with Dom at his prison release takes a seasoon when she finds him cold and distant. Angela moves to LA for a fresh start. Romeo runs to Angela’s side. Relationship Goals Season 2, Episode The sisters finally confront Tamar about her divorce and when past issues resurface, Tamar storms out! My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

Egypt’s bikini shoot turns left when her boyfriend, Sam tries to take over. Clint’s shocking phone call from Tracie. Hour of Chaos Season 2, Episode Clint proposes the same day he meets Tracie. StormZilla Sam’s bridesmaids step up and storm out!


Bow Wow’s old flame, Masika, returns to Atlanta with a vengeance! Andrea’s huge sacrifice brings on a major wedding day meltdown. A secret alliance plots revenge vodlocoer take down the Pink Tea Cup.

She’s not going to do this to her kids. Jose never goes out because of the baseball-sized lump on his head. Dimitri decides to introduce Vanessa to Ashley’s mom without telling her!

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Bow’s violent breakdown shakes Atlanta. Family By the Ton. The Battle of the Lil’s Season 4, Episode Broken Heart Season 2, Episode Angela and her siblings talk about marriage while Tee Tee goes on a first date with Romeo. Thou Shall Not Sext.

Not Today Satan Season 6, Episode The rivalry between Briana and Kristinia sexson to a head. Lawrence breaks up with Thandi. Guise and Jeremy get a dose of reality as they adjust to life as new parents.