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SOA’s first arc had the potential to displace mushishi as my favorite anime ever of all time but the second arc fell so hard on it’s ass that I finished it in a day, not because I enjoyed it but because I wanted it to be over. I loved Soul Eater to death. Lol, was there molestation already in episode 1? Also, there was a nice reference to the opening credits at the end. I’m glad I stopped Eva after TV series – hear awful things constantly about the movies. Just finished soranowoto, I’m putting it down as one of my favourite anime’s of all time, really nice story, and good characters.

It follows the manga and official storyline during the beginning, but diverts to it’s own ending mid-way through FMA: I’ve really been loving watamote and kill la kill lately. Soldier Sorajord ShootBreakStab 8. Looked like a Yuri – which is good all in itself. I only watched it because it was what my sister recommended it. Is it that good?

I know what you mean though.

The legend Imperfects Negative-Feedback But neither animewqffles effect gitama other – just same characters. Moonphase B Gata H Kei My ordinary life Kamisama dolls somehow slipped through the cracks and didn’t get posted till now So I can’t play H Since it’s a short list I’ll give you guys some bonus shows that aren’t from my list.

This ones animation quality is higher though, but no one can fault The World Only God Knows on animation quality.

An anime version of PowerPuff Girls Little Busters was a good recommendation. I’d enjoy reading the manga more than watching if it wasn’t for the insanely long hiatus periods. The Zvezda plot and all of them are great!

I know what I will be watching in between Log Horizon. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Arcurio Square Speakers Corner. Gintams PC all weekend: Gonna stick with what I got “All war is deception. XD I posted animewafcles in the wrong thread. I guess I’ll try it out more It’s good.


D You are evil, but I agree, twould be funny. If the main heroine didn’t disgust me I’m sure I would of loved it lol. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Noragami is somehow like Bleach with spirits, gods and such but it’s even better, then Nisekoi is another romantic comedy with lots of comedy, finally, Sekai Seifuku is awesome with action packed comedy and a loli trying to conquer the world.

Some more good animes: Meaning they’re both average. Rin is so awesome btw: Beyond the Boundary I wasn’t planning on posting it until it had finished the first season on episode 6 right now It’s good so far, I’m eisode it.

It reveals certain facts that were animewafvles out in the previous arc, and leaves you with new questions. Especially Grave of the Fireflies. Are YOU named after it?

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Gonna just try and breathe some life into this thread! Lol It’s a must watch. Seriously, go start watching it. Works cause the stories are independent. They knew something and agreed with it.

I want moar anime! Tatsumi The Uncrown3d Kings So, based off of those two, any ideas?

I love how it switches between her being a psychopathic killer and a harmless girl with amnesia. I know Crunchyroll has it, but I don’t know if anyone else does. Look up the new anime season on YouTube and there should be a video talking about all of em and short synopsis with short clips of them too I’m pretty excited for chuunibyou demo koi season 2 tho.


It’s really light slice of life. A Digimon Adventure except for Mimi, never did liked her voice and have to hand it off to Pokemon, they did an all right job with the English dubs. She’s an uninvolved character to his past who had influence in his life, so much so she could stop time and reverse it.

Has anyone said Toradora yet? Episode 20 so far. Just good foreshadowing in that show.

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I only hard time I ever had we in Fairy Tail. Guys are tied up. Oh yaaaa, season one was, ‘okay’, but it left out the romance building between president and vice. You think it is gonna animwwaffles 20 meters tall like a Mobile suit or is it gonna be like 2 meters tall like a scopedog?

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I’ve only got one DVD player fyi It’s got a huge scratch going all the way from the hole in the middle to the outer edge, I’m amazed it still plays. I found another that shared the same reaction as before: Heathen Bastard The Bastard Brigade Lol Really freaking crazy. This movie has an amazing ending. Valid period is 30 days from the day of placing order, so please inform us about defect in advance once you find it. I’ve watched attack on titan and sao religiously was very sad when it was over Back on topic then.

I hate when people use that as an excuse, just too vein.