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From what I’ve seen,friggin’ Sol was more impressive than them. Before Byro can defeat Natsu, the rest of the guild members arrive with the remaining clock parts, guided to the crypt when the parts react to each other. Also, I still take issue that Coco’s magic is considered dangerous enough to be banned, but all the other crazy crap that happens is a-ok. Can’t wait when they all will be beaten by Fairy Tail. June 9, [6]. Meanwhile, Gajeel helps Levy and her team search for one of the clock parts in the mountains, while Erza’s team enters an old library where they encounter the Butt Jiggle Gang.

Lucy rereads Key of the Starry Heavens and realizes that her father entrusted her with the clock hand to prevent the clock from being constructed. During their fight, Lucy and Coco are separated from the others, but help each other until they reunite with their comrades. The Thing for Shining” by Sata Andagi, respectively. The group of archaeologists that Lucy previously encountered, whose leader revealed to be the descendant of Will Neville and an acquaintance of Jude Heartfilia, show up at the guild and ask Fairy Tail to stop the clock. June 9, [6]. Not really complaining but the latest chapter of FT was just so baws lol.

Fairy Tail used to be epic but after the 7 years jump it’s getting bad and I’m not enjoying it at all. Why not do it again? Phoenix Priestess Dragon Cry. And so episodde, “I’ll deflect your magic in flight with my finger wand, and also make you hit your friend!


They should include laxus in this arc. It’s kinda sad how Gildarts vs Byro was still better than Gildarts vs Bluenote. They make their way past several booby traps eppisode they descend until they reach a crypt at the bottom, where they bildarts Coco and Dan.

At least the ED is really nice. Meanwhile, Lucy decodes the writing on the relic with Levy’s help and discovers that it is the hand of a legendary clock.

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Natsu DragneelLucy Heartfiliaand Wendy keep watch over a gold-carrying train, which is hijacked by a trio of large-buttocked thieves called the Butt Jiggle Gang. Overall,decent episode,definiatly could’ve been better and quite frankly it doesn’t make me look forward to this arc as much as it did a few episodes ago.

I was sort of right on both counts, hehe. Now that Erza is on the scene, have her fight Byro with a non-magic weapon negating his negation ability.

While adjusting to life at the guild, Michelle suggests eposode Lucy send a request to investigate the key. Retrieved May 18, Awesome Sig by Lailide. Coco would be extremely vulnerable to Fried’s rune traps he’s not there but it shows that there should be ways to use guild members’ powers to win.

This is why sometimes filler episodes are not that entertaining.

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Again, at least Erza seems to be abl e to do something, as her armor and weapons do not directly count as magic. With the help of his friends, however, he defeats Dan and uncovers the clock part in an underground church. If Hughes can command humans, then gildarfs the celestial spirits and the Exceed against her Lucy did do that for a while, but was hampered by the presence of Michelle. October 20, [25]. Hades plan did make sense.


When Jason byeo appeared, Gildarts being “you or your octopus? Retrieved May 30, Gildarts somehow manage to defeat Byro.

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This page was last edited on 23 Februaryat Sugar Boy appears before them to take the part, but Gray’s team defeats him. Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima. You are ignoring what Natsu adn the gang did before the tournament. Can’t wait when they all will be beaten by Fairy Tail.

BBCode “I like to expose what people hide. This arc is slightly related to the manga though! Eh, this episode was okay You could say that her milkshakes bring byo the boys to the yard. I was so happy that Lucy got another arc but it is only alright.