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I should take this time to mention that this wonderful story line is just the main plot. Ghost Quake “. Birkett and Anthony C. Friendly from “Lost,” who is the most talkative evil ghost I’ve ever seen in an independent horror movie. When Halloman Academy, a posh New England private school, is visited by a demonic headmaster, a humble janitor, who is secretly the guardian of the school, teams up with the headmaster’s grandson in order to save the academy. Curse of the Witching Tree Most of the acting was pretty meh and the headmaster and female teacher he goes around with are pretty awful, and whats worse get a good amount of screentime each. Meanwhile, Quentin has barely managed to escape.

Why not have her as a helpful librarian who knows stuff about the occult. As for the story, there are too many things unexplained. A demonic, and very dead, headmaster is brought back to life to terrorise a group of trapped students and teachers in his former school. Phillips as the token fat kid. He was also in a short-lived series named “Happy Town. I challenge you to take a look around you. Some are hinted at like the student-teacher relationship between a female student and her music teacher , but they are not resolved. It has a few ‘jumps’ which of course all the worst horror movies confuse with scary and thats it really.

She was in the film for only two minutes and then got killed off. The rest of fhll acting is bland, but there is no wonder when their material was as under-par as it was.

As for the story, there are too many things unexplained. See, I can handle a bad movie, and rumor has it that I love myself some unintentionally funny bad films.

It had none of the fun of Ghost Shark or Sharknado, well apart from two teachers getting attacked by dead frog samples from a science class. One student goes out the window to realize he’s still trapped in the school.

At the New England-based ghostqake educational institution Holloman High School, curious teacher Myers Ricky Wayne is interrogating student Quentin Jonathan Baron on his apparent ancestral ties with former headmaster Danforth MC Gaineya notorious murderer and cult leader. A Haunted High school overrun by bloodthirsty ghosts kind of reminds me of a gory Scooby Doo episode.


Director Jeffery Scott Lando. However, as an unintentional comedy it is not without its charms because it is frankly ridiculous for all the wrong reasons.

Yes No Report this. Once again, someone with a misconception of ghosts and haunted houses creates a movie that carries no logic and absolutely no credibility, but then, this movie was made specifically for SyFy Channel, so the budget could not have been that great.

Ghostquake – The Haunted Dreams of Danny Trejo

Carter “realms of extreme possibility” instead of a Lovecraftian uber-capability of doing pretty much anything all the time and still fail to prevent their certain demise. Taking a bit of a sidebar ourselves, if at this point you have taken a gander at the cast for this film you will actually see a few names you might recognize. So if you want my advice, skip this one, or shirtless ghost Danny Trejo will haunt your dreams forever!

The effects were certainly done on a budget but at the end of the day this is a horror movie which fundamentally doesnt scare you. Pin It on Pinterest. Charisma Carpenter also allegedly stars in this movie, but her character is killed as fast as she appears in one of the shortest movie appearances by a major actress for a character ever. On the other hand, a lot of the film was lame. Sadly, not as attractive.

Let Drunk SyFy Day begin! Whitney as Lauren Whitney Pennington. Look past what the naked eye can see, that intuitive nudge Crawl or Die The plot involves a group of students trapped in a haunted school after hours by the ghost of a cruel former teacher who dabbled in Satanism, played by M.

The dialog is so bad, it exceeds description. There are some unique kills, and I wasn’t really distracted by overly bad CGI like in some comparable productions.

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Some are hinted at like the student-teacher relationship between a female student and her music teacherbut they are not resolved. Full Cast and Crew. I knew I was in trouble because I was already bored out of my mind before the opening credits even started. So, after a bit of a tussle, an evil coin hits the ground causing a light bit of light ground shaking, otherwise known as Ghost tremor.


He brings Quentin to the school’s basement to question him in private. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Now, some of its practitioners were rich and powerful, others were persecuted and ghostquaake. Post Share on Facebook.

Learn more More Like This. I figure after filming for the first hour she quickly caught on to what ghostquske of outfit she was dealing with as she was handed her pay for the day which consisted of a single a yellow post-it note with a frowny face drawn on it in red crayon. Maybe I’ve just watched vull many awful direct-to-DVD horror films lately but this was at least entertaining, told a coherent if utterly bonkers story and felt like it was made with love.

He’s no stranger to the horror genre. An elite security team assigned the task of protecting the last known woman who can become pregnant, find themselves caught in an endless claustrophobic underground tunnel system.

Yes No Report this. This part of the story I completely connect with, as Hhostquake used to love showing off my collection of Alf Pogs that contained the soul of my long dead Satan worshiping relatives. Curse of the Witching Tree Audible Download Audio Books. Marc Donato as Colt.