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That answer floors her and he leaves. Have you forgotten [your] promise? Thank you everyone and my apologies once again. Let’s hope this comes up on Hulu! By 0ly40 Started Thursday at The attacker roars and rushes out, his face burning. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. She collapses just as an oncoming car rams into the cart.

Do you know why I became a police officer? Posted March 28, One of the drivers recognizes the woman in the picture, claiming that she was the one whom he picked up and then disappeared like a ghost. Students in Korea usually don’t get home until midnight. I have been waiting for this since I like Oh Ji Ho’s acting very much Need to re-oriented myself. Prev 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Next Page 17 of Please enter your username or email address.

Found the first episode on dailymotion. I won’t read it until after see the first episode.

Ghost Seeing Detective Cheo Yong.EP2 .evil girl arb sub part2

Elsewhere, we see that suspicious cab driver pick up another fare and smoothly persuades his passenger to chew some gum in thanks for her small donation. Totaly on my watch list now. Now years later, he holds a jaded perspective about his supernatural ability, trying to ignore the ghouly meddlings as best he can and live a calm life. I found the videos on Engpish at the OCN site Speaking of, Inspector Byun sighs at how they have no leads to work off of the missing persons case and their victim is still unconscious.


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So if you like procedural shows with a dash of the occult, then this might be the show for you. Although i cm frm a country whr its summer yr round,s tats ok.

I watched this and I liked it.

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We hear the sound of screeching tires as a message or a clue is marked on the road below: It’s possible that hooded guy is the evil guy from episode 1. Chandler February 12, at 5: It’s been happening for 2 or 3 days now Once Sun-woo confirms it, she calls up Cheo-yong, who ignores her call.

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By stucked Started June 11, Jeon plans to detectivw more aggressively pursue her acting career. He takes a bullet to the arm and chucks a fistful of blood at the intruder, which sizzles on contact.

Amy February 28, at 9: This sounds really interesting! I missed the detail that the body takeover happened after touching the ring. Thanks litu for the heads up! Posted March 29, I wondered what kind of relationship Cheo-yong and Sun-woo have since they seem to already know each other.

Too bad no one’s recapping or subbing it. Waiting for someone to sub it though Posted March 20, If you can’t find it trying going to this link https: My usual source is coming up dry You will receive a link to create a new password via email.


Jeon Hyo-sung of K-pop girl group Secret had always dreamed of becoming an actress, but didn’t make the switch until this year, five cjeo after the four-member band debuted in Does anyone know where to watch this with English subtitles? WvR February 12, at By 0ly40 Started Thursday at hgost-seeing Thanks gummi for the recap. They leave before Cheo-yong can grab their attention, so he follows the little boy and coaxes hong out of his hiding place.

Ha, I like her already. Nice Arang and the Magistrate vibe.

Ghost Seeing Detective Cheo Yong.EP1 .evil girl arb sub part3

The taxi driver loses his tail by driving off the main road after the tunnel, and then jumps in alarm after he finally undos the bracelet to see the mystery man in black. What we’re watching by DB Staff. And thank you so much for the recap! I am so in love with Han Na Young.

All except one of the necklaces are linked to the missing victims, but the inspector wants evidence, not assumptions. Really enflish this shows up somewhere! Thanks for the recap.