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Will Suryakant heed her? Menka is shocked at this decision! She asks Menka to punish her but not leave the house. Suryakant and the entire household are ecstatic! Meanwhile, Kshitij, a boy who helps Suryakant at work and at home, is dejected hearing about Saraswati’s engagement because he has loved her from so many years. Menka leaves the terrace and Lakshmi gestures Saraswati to come out.

Saraswati asks Lakshmi to apologise to Menka but Lakshmi says that she was only fighting for her mother’s right and was not demeaning Menka. Lakshmi and Kshitij try to escape but all the doors are shut. In the terrace, Lakshmi places Saraswatis hand in Kshitijs. Suryakant demands to know why these dishes were made if Yuvraj didn’t relish them! Meanwhile, Yuvraj bribes the girl and threatens her never to divulge their affair to anybody. Soon, Menka goes into labour. ZEE5 Now available in countries. Hey thanks for looking at my vid and hope u enjoy it and plz comment and rate thanks!

The dancers are searched too at Menkas request and let off.

Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann Episode

Menka demands to know from Saraswati why it took so long for her to get the knife. Baa declares that the engagement will take soon, and it would be a double joyous occasion because her grandson was also betiyabn. A decked up Saraswati seeks the blessings of her kk, including of Suryakant.

Savitri apologises to Saraswati for not fulfilling her promise of keeping her happy till she ik married. Savitri tells Saraswati that she cannot do anything despite knowing everything because she was a woman.

Lakshmi apologises to Menka and says that she was only fighting for her mother and did not mean to cause her pain. Gauri and Durga ask Yuvraj to convince their father to forgive Lakshmi.

Dhara says that she wants to cancel the wedding but Suryakant begs her to reconsider her decision.

Suryakant then announces that he has decided to go ahead with the marriage. A furious Suryakant calls aloud to Lakshmi then. Seeing this makes Lakshmi angrier, and she tells Gauri and Durga that she was going to meet their father! Suryakant demands to know whose permission she had sought before leaving!


After the party is lasmi, Lakshmi and her sisters take Episofe to the terrace and surprise her by making her meet Kshitij. Baa tells them that Saraswati will indeed go away with just that for causing her son immense pain!

She says that her father has already decided about her life, and walks away. She then says that she’ll convince Suryakant to let Lakshmi also join them for breakfast.

Lakshmi and Kshitij try to escape but all the doors are shut. Suryakant replies that he has given his word but promises to think about it. Baa too accuses Lakshmi and her sisters. Watch The Video to Know More: Destiny Week 5 November Zee World 3 years ago.

Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann

She cautions Rasik that Saraswati must get married soon before anybody gets a whiff betkyann Bhavishya’s past. What will Saraswati do now? Baa and Suryakant apologise to Yuvraj and his parents.

Lakshmi tells Gauri that they cannot let Saraswati marry a boy like him. Lakshmi demands to know from Baa why her mother’s rights were snatched from her. Suryakant tries to intervene but Baa remains firm! Yuvraj tells Kshitij that he begiyann lied only to protect his sisters.

“Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann” Episode # (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Yuvraj tries to calm an angry Suryakant by asking him to attend to Dhara and her family, while he would hand over Kshitij to the cops. Dhara says that she wanted her family to always have the upper hand. Lakshmi urges him not to give up the fight yet.

The engagement is on, in full swing when Dhara, Bhavishyas mother, asks Suryakant where Lakshmi is. At home, Suryakant is furious with Savitri about the girls not having returned. Yuvraj again tells Kshitij that he betiyyann doing it only for Saraswati. Later, she explains to the girls that they can have fun staying together in the same room! Yuvraj feeds his father the cake. Suryakant arrives then and accuses Lakshmi of being a smear to their family’s name.


While Gauri and Durga are applying henna on Saraswati’s hands, Menka orders them to clean and decorate Yuvraj’s room. Hasmukh suggests to the four girls elisode keep Menka at home at least till their father returned.

Everyone then goes to see the car, and Gauri asks where Lakshmis gift was but Suryakant looks with scorn. C’est l’histoire d’une famille Gujarati qui Rasik then tells Suryakant that Lakshmi had insulted his sister. Yuvraj narrates to Shom, his friend, how he had decided to trap Kshitij when hed learnt about the latters feelings for Saraswati and had then written a letter.

Just then, Rasik spots an earring hidden in Kshitijs sash! Yuvraj comes to Savitri’s rescue and says that it was his decision to surprise Saraswati with her favourite dishes. The priest, Baa and Menka indirectly lamxi Savitri and the girls about the importance of his birth after four girls.

An upset Lakshmi decides to do something to stop the wedding. Yuvraj comes just then and demands to know from Kshitij what he was doing in the house. Suryakant and the entire household are ecstatic! Pyaar Ka Dard Hai: Lakshmi tells Saraswati to go to her in-laws’ place with only one piece of jewellery because dowry was an evil!