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Halki and Phulki tell Baa that if their brother ever heard about what had happened today, then the consequence would be unimaginable. Menka pretends to be hurt and demands to know how Lakshmi could call her marriage illegal! They finally sneak into Menkas room to see the baby but Menka warns them never to dare step into her room again because she does not want them to cast their evil eyes on him! Later, Lakshmi is overwhelmed with joy when her sisters surprise her with a birthday cake at midnight. Yuvraj mentions how he had then staged the entire drama of getting Kshitij trapped! Suryakant tries to intervene but Baa remains firm! Chanchal tries to intervene but Savitri begs her not to interfere in her family affairs and asks her to leave the house. Savitri’s divorced younger sister, Chanchal Manini De arrives just then and challenges Suryakant but manages to subtly change the topic!

Years pass by, and Savitris daughters grow up. At the Goradia home, Saraswati tells a dejected Savitri that she has learnt from her to compromise with circumstances. Baa says that their father and Menka had cried for their happiness but asserts that only the girls will now pay for their misdeeds. Lakshmi then narrates everything that had transpired near the temple. Savitri asks Saraswati whether she loves Kshitij, so Saraswati starts crying. She says that her father has already decided about her life, and walks away. Baa accuses Savitri of not being a good daughter-in-law or a wife by not giving an heir to her family, and warns Savitri to get her daughters married without dishonouring Suryakant. Three months pass by, and one day, Savitri gets the shock of her life when she sees her in-laws welcoming Suryakant and his new wife Menka Tanushree Kaushal!

Just then, Chanchal arrives and assures Menka not to worry at all. Later, she explains to the girls that they can have fun staying together in the same room! Suryakant thanks Menka for gifting him with Yuvraj wpisode for being so understanding.


Ghar ki lakshmi Betiyann part 1 25th august 2009 09 Zeetv

Saraswati collides into Lakshmi and drops the candle and knife. Yuvraj narrates to Shom, his friend, how he had decided to trap Kshitij when hed learnt about the latters feelings for Saraswati and had then written a letter. Just then, they overhear Halki chide Hasmukh that she had sent Menka to fetch her sari from the terrace because she couldnt find him episide Yet, Savitri voices her concern to Suryakant.

An enraged Suryakant warns Chanchal to take the jewellery but she refuses.

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Durga reminds her that it was Yuvraj’s birthday too the next day, and their father would surely celebrate it. Suryakant demands to know why these dishes were made if Yuvraj didn’t relish them!

eisode Savitri replies that she had prepared Saraswati’s favourite dishes. Savitri promises to keep Saraswati happy as long as she was in her paternal home, so she asks Saraswati about her favourite dishes. Yuvraj pacifies Suryakant by saying that he would meet Lakshmi later. After the ceremony is over, Kshitij tries to confess his love for Saraswati but she walks away midway. She then says that she’ll convince Suryakant to let Lakshmi also join them for breakfast.

He asks her to take care of his honour. He then warns Lakxhmi and Saraswati to go inside as women should not be seen out of the house at night. Savitri’s divorced younger lakkshmi, Chanchal Manini De arrives just then and challenges Suryakant but manages to subtly change the topic! Chanchal tells Menka that if she wants to leave, then she could go away. Three months pass by, and one day, Savitri gets the shock of her life when she sees her in-laws welcoming Suryakant and his new wife Menka Tanushree Kaushal!

Suryakant calls out to Lakshmi and declares that her punishment was that she would not be able to participate in her sister’s wedding! Preparations are on, to formalise Saraswati and Bhavishya’s match as well as to welcome Yuvraj. Back at the function, Baa introduces Chanchal to Dhara.


Suryakant has four daughters, but he marries another woman to have a son. Yuvraj tells Kshitij that he had lied only to protect his sisters. The girl accuses Lakshmi of forcing her to lie about Bhavishya and tells everyone that she had no intention of breaking anybody’s engagement.

The next morning, the girls visit the temple to pray and are shocked to see Durga crying as she is sad at being separated from Saraswati. Just then, Rasik spots an earring hidden in Kshitijs sash!

Ghar ki lakshmi Betiyann part 1 25th august 09 Zeetv – video dailymotion

Savitri apologises to Menka but Menka asks her not to stop her. Seeing this makes Lakshmi angrier, and she tells Gauri and Durga that she was going to meet their father! Lakshmi in the disguise of a sage comes to betiyan Halki. Suryakant gifts Yuvraj a new sports car. Everyone then goes to see the car, and Gauri asks where Lakshmis gift was but Suryakant looks with scorn.

Later, Menka tells a dejected Savitri that despite her efforts, she was not able to convince Suryakant or Baa. Meanwhile, Kshitij, a boy who helps Suryakant at work and at home, is dejected hearing about Saraswati’s engagement because he has loved her from so many years. Menka informs Suryakant about it.

Lakshmi apologises to Menka and says that she was only fighting for her mother and did not mean to cause her pain.