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Page 21 Computer which has been included on your hard drive. Page 54 To remove a virus: Locating Your Serial Number Locating your serial number The label on the side of your computer case contains information that identifies your computer serial number. I will install the ram and download the Windows 7 compatibility drivers as you’ve suggested. A search for the Gateway E series at Corsair gives the PC ram as recommended, but I have nothing that tells me which E computer it actually is. Cleaning Your Computer Use a damp, lint-free cloth to clean your computer and other parts of your system.

It might just be that the RAM is dead dude. Type the keyword memory error in the Search box , then click the arrow. Replacing The System Battery Close the case by following the instructions in Reconnect all external cables and the power cord. It might just be that I did your work for you and found it on Google. For more information, see. Clean the mouse rollers with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

Closing The Case Align the tabs on the bottom of the panel into the case notches. I will install the ram and download the Windows 7 compatibility drivers as you’ve suggested.

Troubleshooting Clean the disc. My Computer Copy Print www.

Gateway E XP Pro – P4 GHz : none. Overview – CNET

Page With the Wireless Network Connection window open, click. To avoid exposure to dangerous electrical voltages and. The fan is a AVC ball bearing type. Connecting To A Wired Ethernet Network You use these ports to connect peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, and digital cameras to your computer. Type the keyword wireless network in the Search box Preferred networks box.

Maintaining The Micro Tower Case For gateaay about the location of the screw, see on page For more stability, place your computer on its side with the rubber feet resting on your workspace. Cleaning The Keyboard If the mouse pointer begins moving erratically across the computer screen or becomes difficult to control precisely, cleaning the mouse will likely improve its accuracy.


Gateway E Overview – CNET

The Network Connection Type screen opens. It might just be that the RAM is dead dude. Can windows 7 run on a Gateway e series. Use a workgroup name of up The Performance and box. Page 37 Open your e-mail program. MP3 files and video files on any networked computer, then play them on any of the other computers or devices connected to your network.

Gateway E-4100 User Manual: Gateway Mid Tower Case; Opening The Case

Regulatory Compliance Statements Warning Do not use Gateway products in areas classified as hazardous locations. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Gateway maintaining and troubleshooting: Plug powered, analog front speakers, an external amplifier, or headphones into this jack.

Type the keyword memory error in the Gateeay boxthen click the arrow.

If your drive has this logo Gateway maintaining and troubleshooting: The wireless Ethernet device installed Network adapters www. Align the door tabs into the case notches.

Page Allow network users to change my files Click tab. Your computer uses DIMM memory. Eject button Disk slotthen click Start My Computer www. I am purchasing more ram, 1gb, and enableing hypertreading in the BIOS. Gateway Technical Support will need this information if you call for assistance. Page Click the tab. Dragonslayer at Mom’s house now: Solved Can windows 7 run on a Gateway e series.

Looks like the Intel spec is 2.

Use the sreies criteria as a guide when selecting a network connection. Removing The Front Bezel Some upgrading procedures may require you to remove the front bezel. It will certainly run better on a dual core processor but that doest mean it wont run on a single core processor like the P4.


The Printers and Faxes window opens. Page Help and Support online help Using Your Computer domain name drives diskette identifying drive types mapping network recordable CD recordable DVD sharing troubleshooting types DSL modem connecting cleaning controlling play with keyboard drive inserting playing recording troubleshooting DVD drive www. All times are GMT The router can assign IP addresses to the computers on the network and can provide firewall protection for your network as well.

Page 46 Important Do not use the remove gatewy the memory card. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. The My Computer window opens. Help And Support Your computer includes Help and Support, an easily accessible collection of help information, troubleshooters, and automated support.

Sharing and Security www. Googling is quicker than waiting for an answer The eSupport page also has links to additional Gateway documentation and detailed specifications. The case is stuck and I can’t get into the unit. Printers and Faxes www. A few days ago, I decided to order some more memory for my wife’s Gateway computer and was having trouble finding out exactly which E series computer she had for the Corsair site, so I used CPU-Z and discovered she had an Intel-based DGLC motherboard.