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When Enhou is alerted by the SG1 that the Makai Knights are heading to their position, Rivera leaves to deal with them while Enhou takes Rian to their final destination. When Hiroki comes to, he grieves over Haruka’s death as he could do nothing to stop it, but Ryuga reassures him by telling him he did all he could. Soon after, with a new found respect for Ryuga, Aguri joins the others to hold a funerary pyre for the souls to be at peace. Posing as a man, Rian infiltrates Paradaice with Ryuga to knock out Sam and the other patrons. Yami o Terasu Mono. Kazami disregards Ryuga’s warning to no longer interfere, having taken the camera’s memory card out before the Makai Knight destroyed the device, and goes to Vol City’s TV station to have his old friend Rivera, a local newscaster, show it. As Rian gets the Suzuki family to safety, while aiding Aguri in killing any that flee the manor, Takeru becomes Zen the Flaming Sword Knight to kill the Horror minions. Though he pretended that his memories were also erased, Tousei is revealed to have become the host of the various Horrors that cornered him days ago.

The story then shifts to Burai’s reunion with Ryuga at Vol City. Hisako Fujihira Makoto Yokoyama. Aguri pierces through this point with his arrow and Takeru frees the Garo armor from Zedom’s grasp, allowing Ryuga to don it once more. Returning to Burai’s home, Rian confinds to Ryuga that she became a Makai Priestess for the wrong reasons. After drawing the Horror to a point where he dons the Garo armor with Kazami seeing the transformation, Ryuga destroys the camera and tells the reporter that the creatures are Horrors and that is all he needs to know. Desire [ edit ] 11 “Desire” Transcription: There has to date been no confirmed verification of either their connection nor separation from Official Sources, interviews or media.

Gold wave [ edit ] 2 “Gold wave” Transcription: But his life took a plunge when his partner, a client of his, turned him into a monster and forced him into the graveyard after stripping him of his voice.

Scoop [ edit ]. When Hiroki comes to, he grieves over Haruka’s death as he could do nothing to stop it, but Ryuga reassures him by telling him he did all he could.

The film adaptation was released in theatres on March 28,while the television series began broadcast on April 3, Tousei [ edit ]. This page was last edited on 28 Novemberat Honoring Hakana’s wish to die a human, Ryuga is left with no choice but to strike his mother down while promising her that he will live on.

But she refuses to listen and warns him to stay away from her.

Toyama’s disappearance is covered up, and Hiroki vows to support Ryuga, even though the entire city is against the Makai Knight. Itaru Era Hisako Fujihira. Era Teraus Yokoyama Makoto.


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With the truth revealed, Ryuga apologizes for not realizing she was alive when he first heard her song. Since Enhou’s death, the Makai Knights and SG1 are now working together, with the latter entrusted to keep the populace safe while the Makai Knights go after Rivera.

On the way back to Burai’s, Ryuga and Rian have a slightly romantic moment. Upon learning that Haruka has been transferred to another school the next day, Hiroki goes to her house and finds it completely empty before discovering that he is being stalked eisode Ryuga. Assuming her Horror form, Rivera battles Garo before running off when epiwode sliced her tongue off for Rin to procure.

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However, Zedom manages to remove and yaro Ryuga’s Garo armor. Garo -Gold Storm- Shou. Upon finding the Horror and asking if he knows Kensui, Ryuga finds himself being photographed by Kazami. The next day, the Suzuki Family are brought to Dream Garden Hills where Takeru and Ryuga make a final attempt to stop them from entering.

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Ryuga, who has been brought back to their hideout by Takeru and Aguri, is reunited with his mother Hakana who is revealed to have been the young girl that Burai yaim before he restored her age and memories. Using Takeru as a distraction, Ryuga passes through the SG1 soldiers and finds the Horror attacking Enhou as she is investigating Tousei Kaneshiro, the estranged fourth son of the Kaneshiro family who is a suspect in recent terrorist attacks.

However, Zedom reveals his intention to take a Makai Knight’s body to complete his plan and kills Burai when the Makai Priest attempts to stop him.

However, he also finds Enhou and Tousei Kaneshiro, with Tousei explaining that the Horrors are somehow all contracted to his father Kensui Kaneshiro. Watching the events unfold, Ryuga holds Enhou’s necklace and senses the lamentation of her humanity over what she has done.

With Hiroki knocked out, Ryuga does battle with the Horror, and after donning the Garo armor manages to slay the monster. Luckily, Ryuga arrives before Rivera could eat Ao as she kicks the girl away. This page was last edited teraeu 2 Januaryat After the long battle ends in a duel, admitting his respect for the former Makai Knight’s strength and thanking him for showing him how to become strong, Ryuga manages to slay Sonshi with the Garo armor finally recovering its lost golden radiance.

Wataru Kuriyama and Miki Nanri reprise their roles and episoce joined by new cast members among them is Masahiro Inoue as the series antagonist Jinga. Leaving Hakana’s body with a SG1 platoon, the heroes go back to the ruins as Tousei watches before recruiting the SG1 troopers to protect him. A young man named Dougai Ryuuga proves himself worthy of pulling out the Garo Ken, taking the title of Garo. After Garo manages to land a blow on him, his armor turns gold and weakns him.


With no one believing her story, Haruka turns to her class mate Hiroki Tsuboi for help, as she knows his father works for SG1. The two proceed to look for the naked woman before running into Aguri as he does not what them to meddle in his hunt prior to being attacked by the naked woman and an identical Horror. Title Writer Original airdate 1 “Ryuga” Transcription: Gari also episoed that Zedom’s head is buried somewhere in Vol City and the song that is played by the goddess statues is actually Zedom’s requiem episde claims it to have been sung by an opera singer named Sophia who mysteriously disappeared.

As Takeru is relieved that Rui is alright, Burai sees this turn of events as proof that someone is behind the Horror activity in Vol City.

On the way to the Hill of Zedom’s Head, when Rivera brings up moni friendship, Rian is a bit heart broken when Enhou explains that Horrors have eo friends.

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As Takeru deals with the Horrors familiars, Ryuga and Aguri confront Kaneshiro Foods manager Tsumazaki as he pursues Rian when she escapes with the crate of souls. Trap [ edit ]. Promise [ edit ] 10 “Promise” Transcription: Views Read Edit View history. Burai then decides to train Rian by himself before she reaches the proper age to study at Kantai.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Upon learning that the rest of his family is dead, Tousei orders Sonshi to devour his father as well.

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Yokoyama Makoto Era Itaru. Burai and the Makai Knights encounter Tousei and Sonshi terazu are getting as far from the chaos as they can. Dungeon [ edit ].

Once adding a wooden cross and dream catcher to the pile of rocks, Ryuga reveals that it is a grave for his late mother that he usually erects wherever he goes.

Rian is stopped upon trying to approach Kensui but Enhou bails her out.