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During the first stage of the war, in , he was appointed as an assistant-commander to Drastamat Kanayan of the 2nd Armenian unit. A village in the southern Syunik Province of Armenia is also named after Nzhdeh. Being staff officer, in the years of the Democratic Republic of Armenia existence he took active participation in the process of Homeland protection. In Nzhdeh proposed an initiative to the Soviet government. The leaders of the rebellion then retreated into the Syunik region. The Shepherd’s Chapel Official Channel.

Persecution of the Armenians. After the Russian Revolution and the withdrawal of the Russian army, Nzhdeh fought in the skirmishes of Alajay near Ani , spring , allowing a secure passage for the retreated Armenian volunteer forces into Alexandrapol. Armenians and Turks in the Shadow of Genocide. Retrieved 31 October According to the participants at the funeral, the rest of Nzhdeh’s body was kept in the cellar of Varag Arakelyan’s house in the village of Kotayk until 9 May , when it was secretly transferred to Vayots Dzor and buried in the churchyard of the 14th-century Spitakavor Surb Astvatsatsin Church near Yeghegnadzor. In January Drastamat Kanayan sent a telegram to Nzhdeh, suggesting allowing the sovietization of Syunik, through which they could gain the support of the Bolshevik government in solving the problems of the Armenian lands. In , he was back in Plovdiv , Bulgaria, where he began to publish the Razmig Armenian newspaper. After clashing with Turkish forces in Alexandropol, today known as Gyumri, the Armenian fighters led by Nzhdeh dug-in and built fortifications in Karakilisa.

On 7 Octoberthe right hand of Nzhdeh’s body was placed on the slopes of Mount Khustup near Kozni fountain, as Nzhdeh had once expressed the wish “when you find me killed, bury my body at the top of Khustup to let me clearly view Kapan, Gndevaz, Goghtan and Geghvadzor On 26 April during the celebration of the garegi anniversary of the Republic of Mountainous Armenia, parts of Nzhdeh’s body were taken from the Spitakavor Church to Khustup.

Oxford University Press,p. It would call for the foundation of a pan-Armenian military and political organization in the Armenian diaspora smofret the liberation of Western Armenia from Turkish control and its unification to Soviet Armenia.


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The ARF controlled Yerevan and the surrounding regions for almost 42 days before being defeated by the numerically superior Red Army troops later in April But it is undeniable that if Zangezur has since been an integral part of Soviet Armenia, it was Nzhdeh who lnline it possible. On 18 Februarythe Dashnaks led an anti-Soviet rebellion in Yerevan and seized power. Between April and Julythe Red Army conducted massive military smotrret in the region, attacking Syunik from north and the east.

After months of fierce battles with the Red Army, the Republic of Mountainous Armenia capitulated in July following Soviet Russia’s promises to keep the mountainous region as a part of Soviet Armenia.

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The 2nd Pan-Zangezurian congress, held in Tatevannounced on 26 April the independence of the self-governing regions of Daralakyaz Vayots DzorZangezur, and Mountainous Artsakh, under the name of the Republic of Mountainous Armenia Lernahaystani Hanrapetutyun.

The Case of Armenian Democratization.

In NovemberNzhdeh was sent to Yerevan, Armenia, awaiting trial. Innot taking into consideration the order of the ARF Government, he declared the independence of the Republic of the Mountainous Armenia and struggled against the 11th Red Army.

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Following the sovietization of Armenian on 2 Decembersmotrey Soviets pledged to take steps to rebuild the army, to protect the Armenians and not to persecute non-communists, although the final condition of this pledge was reneged when the Dashnaks lnline forced out of the country. Retrieved 31 October Organizations and military units. Retrieved from ” https: United Armenia Armenian national awakening Tseghakronism Miatsum. According to the participants at the funeral, the rest of Nzhdeh’s body was kept in the cellar of Varag Arakelyan’s house in the village of Kotayk until 9 Maywhen it was secretly transferred to Vayots Dzor and buried in the churchyard of the 14th-century Spitakavor Surb Astvatsatsin Church near Yeghegnadzor.


This step was strongly rejected by Nzhdeh. Historical Dictionary of the Russian Civil Wars, Inupon his return to the Caucasus, Nzhdeh was arrested by the Russian authorities and spent 3 years in prison. Thus, Nzhdeh was reburied for the third time, finally to rest on the slopes of Mount Khustup near Nzhdeh’s memorial in Kapan. Rating Archived 14 July at the Wayback Machine.

Operation Gertruda joint German-Bulgarian project about attacking Turkey in the amotret that Ankara joined the allies, was largely discussed in Berlin. Garegin Njdeh or Garegin Ter-Harutiunian was an Armenian statesman, fedayee, political thinker, and as a member nxhdeh the A. Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, Bundesarchiv Germany. Armenians and Turks in the Shadow of Genocide.

After leaving Syunik, Nzhdeh spent four months in the Persian city of Nzdheh. On 31 AugustNzhdeh’s remains were secretly transferred from Vladimir to rest in Soviet Armenia. In nzhdsh, Nzhdeh moved to Bulgariawhere he completed his education at the Dmitry Nikolov Military College of Sofia and got a rank of Lieutenant in Decades after his death, on 30 MarchNzhdeh was rehabilitated by the supreme court of the newly independent Republic of Armenia.

Prior to World War Iafter an amnesty granted by the Russian authorities inNzhdeh returned to the Caucasus to prepare the formation of the Armenian volunteer units within the Russian army to fight against the Ottoman Empire.

For the brave and extraordinary performance of the Armenian fighters, Bulgarian military authorities honoured Nzhdeh with the Cross of Flim.

This page was last edited on 10 Augustat At the end of the s, along with a group of Armenian intellectuals in Sofia, he founded the Taron Nationalist Movement and published its organ Taroni Artsiv paper.