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Amma ji requests Ganga to free her and her family. You will not get naything from me. Only God can save your house. She folds her hands before Ganga. She thinks of Sagar telling her that she will always stay with him. Am I doing the right thing with Ganga? Pooja It is morning. You will come home with papa tomorrow.

Ganga comes there just then. Ganga thinks of how Amma j has been against letting her stay in Chaturvedi House since beginning. Are you still upset with me? You will not get naything from me. Niru and Madhvi are under her spell. Amma ji says Sagar is hungry and so am I. Maharaj ji notices them.

Never come to my episoee if you need anything in life. This is such a dilemma. Ganga looks at Sagar. Amma ji asks her what is she doing here.


Ganga loves her self-respect but what if we kill it? Madhvi says I have been accepting your every wish till now gamgaa today it is about my son.

He made me understand that you are my Bappa and I will live with you. She looks at Sagar who is feeling bad.


Ganga episode 157

Sagar is happy as he will be going to bring Ganga tomorrow. Amma ji asks them where they are going.

I will find her on the way and take her with me. Anyone can say anything but I wont let her come back in my house! One hangaa these people will throw you out of the house.

Madhvi looks at Sagar.

All the ladies feel bad for her. She is my best girlfriend. You disown me for strangers? They had to face a lot many problems on the way. I wont let her come back here ever! I will go episoe.

She will come not to my house! You told that government officer that I died in the stampede. Amma ji tells Madhvi that he will not stay hungry for long. Come with me so you live with your loved ones.

Pishi Ma asks her why she woke up so early. She looks out of the window. Ganga replies that she has to get ready. Bappa left me and you turned your face episove from me.

I have to take care of them too. Sagar and Ganga are sitting at the ghaat. A man is forcefully taking my best friend with him.


Ganga asks her about Babu. Niru cannot understand why she is talking about auspicious and inauspicious when it comes to Ganga. Amma ji adds that if she will still come to her house like a beggar after hearing all this then understand that there is no one as selfish and shameless like you! She cannot come here.

You are not angry with me anymore, right? Bahu ji is worried for you Sagar. You understand me so nicely. I will be grateful to God if that happens. Sagar is a kid but you are grown up.

You are my best girlfriend. You will have to follow our rules if you have to live here. She thinks of the last time when Ganga had helped her. In the morning, Babu will come to take me.