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Hanna says Richard embarrassed her in front of prestigious art buyers, so she threw a drink in his face. Retrieved August 11, An incident at a slumber party and a missing baby are the concerns of the day. If Longworth can figure out whether or not the victim was actually close to uncovering the prize, maybe he will be able to find the real killer. A dead man in a swimming pool leads Longworth and Carlos to a Pompano Beach mansion, and then into the world of high-end horse breeding. Retrieved July 11, Matt Passmore as Jim Longworth.

Retrieved July 19, We’ve got the best photos from the night’s biggest celebrations, and you don’t get a hangover. Retrieved August 11, Jeff Cargill Jordan Wall Sam considers taking a job with the FDLE. Hanna Koski Christopher De Paola

Retrieved June 26, ggallerinas Retrieved May 30, Carlos says Richard died of fully penetrated wound to the heart. Daniel tells Jim that the photo of Sasha and her father was taken at a company once owned by her father. Assistant state’s attorney Ethan Russell is found hlades near a Civil War re-enactment.

Sasha’s father was starting to get into art collecting, but stopped once Richard, who was a corporate raider, took his company and everything in it, including the painting. Jim arrests Sasha as she galleerinas Richard at a memorial for him at the gallery.

There’s nothing more he can teach her; they are in different fields of medicine. Carlos says the blood from the spindle of wire doesn’t match the victim’s, but it is the same wire used to subdue him. A man suffering from head trauma claims to have witnessed a murder before being attacked and believes the murderer looks exactly like him.

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gallerrinas Alex says Richard never told him where his art was going after he died. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.


Archived from the original on July 15, Bootleggers may have murdered a man on a themed booze cruise. But Sasha says she had everything under control. Jim isn’t impressed with the artist’s new work, but Hanna thinks it’s brilliant.

Jim discovers that the victim was not such a delicate dame after all.


Jim tells Manus he knows he’s crossing the line by checking Jeff’s phone records, but he can’t just sit back and do nothing to prevent Jeff and Callie from getting hurt. The corpse of a businessman emerges from the muck in a sugar cane field days before the big football game. Clues glases a murder are found because of a poached animal.

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The Glades Episode 4.10 Gallerinas

Daniel teams up with his brother Drew to win the same BBQ cook-off. TV By the Numbers. Clifton Campbell creatorDailyn Rodriguez.

Although the episode begins with Jim and Callie in bed together, it ends with him having dinner with Jennifer. Retrieved June 22, Hanna’s phone records indicate she’s been getting a daily automated call from glsdes pharmacy saying her order was ready. At Sasha’s event, Jim discovers she’s the woman in Richard’s nude gladess. Complicating matters is the senator’s wife, who will do whatever it takes to protect her husband’s political career and her family’s name.

The Glades Episode Gallerinas | Episode Guide, Cast and Crew, Video Trailer

Jim says the painter’s current show is bombing. Jim says she’s his prime suspect. Hanna says Richard embarrassed her in front of prestigious art buyers, so she threw a drink in his face. Callie prepares for Ray’s release from jail, and tells Jim she wants to be with him, yet promises Ray to hold off on a divorce for three months. Retrieved June 12, Jim investigates the death of a billionaire oil tycoon and art collector on the eve of Art Basel, Miami’s international art show, while Callie’s past may be putting her future at risk.


Jim remembers Hanna received calls from a pharmacy about a prescription. He says he’ll look for it at home and get back to her. Jim encourages Callie to take a head nurse job in Atlanta. Callie and Jim come to terms on what their relationship means. Daniel informs everyone that most gallery assistants are women in their early twenties, and are called “gallerinas.

A man who was recently released from prison is found dead along the fairway. Jim thinks he couldn’t handle losing Sasha to Richard. Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Meanwhile, Callie deals with some tax problems.

Retrieved August 15, Retrieved June 5, Sasha tries to stab Jim but he subdues and arrests her. Jim thinks his paintings look depressing. Retrieved September 26, Longworth discovers the victim may have served time for a crime he didn’t commit. They identify him from the initials on his shirt and an article Daniel read. Alex appears out of nowhere, in a rage. Gallerinas 05 Aug The idea of going back to a hospital terrified her, so she started taking her meds again.

Callie’s son Jeff surprises her by showing up for the wedding.