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Done watching yesterday’s episode. I had been waiting for this all morning. Except, they are waylaid by an interruption-Gaksital. A member of the death squad wakes up next to him to see him stir, and quickly lies on top of him to keep him from being found alive. The gunshot frightens everyone into running away, abandoning their murder attempt. Even the New York Times covered the story. MokDan is really making me mad, walking around without any disguises when she knows the enemy is looking for her.

When his mom told him that she is very proud of him after figuring out his secret identity , I have tears in my eyes. Please stop trying to distort the story and if u r serious first deal with the rampant racism in your country. She glares at him and asks what he did to gaksital. I don’t want Gaksital to be just a way for revenge With all the men rounded up in trucks, Kang-to leaves. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. I just watched it and now the recap comes piping hot to fill in my gaps again!

Joo Won is a great actor, and so far he is the only reason I’m continuing to watch the show. But he’s gone, the easy target is gone.

Ok one more thing or you will jump off the bridge. Kang-to sighs about losing her again, that girl who must have eepisode strong connection to Gaksital for him to have saved her three times. Some parts make me question the fluency of the plot. Huge thanks for javabeans and girlfriday! That ending was just perfect on so many levels. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.


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Odd-numbered episodes recapped by JB serve as set-up for even-numbered episodes recapped by GFcoz ya know, 2nd episode-of-the-week cliffhangers should be damabeans to fuel our anticipation for the next ep the following week.

In the scene where he was sitting down in Baek’s house,still in Gaksital’s clothes, contemplating if he should help Damsari, his hair wasn’t like Gaksital’s, it was more like Kang To’s old hairstyle. So I think the more he got involved in the field, the more he realized that sympathizing with these people would only thwart him from doing his job.

A guy who afraid gaksiatl bugs. She makes it too easy for the bad guys!

Lilith June 21, at 7: I’ll definitely have to sit down and watch it sometime in the future when I get the chance. He asks Koiso why these people are being questioned, and scoffs at the answer: What do we do? Your email address will not be published. Blood pours down her white dress. Because how on earth can you just stand there watching your mom die right infront your nose? Since she’s relatively new I guess it’s still ok.

I guess that Dan will be the reason Shunji turn his back to Kang To in later story, over jealousy? The flashback only episodr that he was good in nature epjsode along the way,he came upon a goal and lost sight of the means. I don’t believe it is just for the girl.


They begin to chant:. But man, when he admitted that he’d still kill Mok Dan, even knowing who she elisode.

Ueno intervenes at the last moment, sparing Kang To and Hong Joo. Yeah, and also, the City Hunter comic is totally different from the K-drama version. I could feel my heart breaking as he wailed out of drzmabeans an sorrow today.

Ok maybe partly because of that. On the ONE tiny stretch of land where Koreans are allowed to earn their measly living?? A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

I hope it’s not, please not, Shunji is one interesting character in this drama. I’m so shell-shocked, I laughed at bits of the recap like a crazy person. I haven’t been keeping up with any other drama I started, just feeling anxious about this drama ending.

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It makes me wonder how close Gaksital is to actual events. Emotions, flashbacks, betrayals, love, hate. I’ll reiterate though that I still think Joo Won is doing a good job overall, I was just moody yesterday.