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City Hunter for me was a bit contrived in that it felt like they were handing it to us saying here feel something. Certainly not his father too I’m shouting at the screen, like nooo Shunji!!!!. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Jo just gives Damsari a reassuring smile. Shunji finds the knife and holds it out at her-the person who gave her this knife is Gaksital, right? LOL Kang To at the first episode did a horrible job for use a gun as well

Shunji reports to his father-Gaksital and Damsari are planning something together. But strangely, Chief Kimura calls a halt to the proceedings. Her character is still pretty one-dimensional, but boy oh boy do I appreciate a badass heroine. Putting the pieces together, Kang To realizes they must have realized the person behind the stealing was Damsari. He plans to investigate that connection first. Shunji takes his sword to Dan- does she still not know? Dan greets her warmly, offering her tea.

The bomber stumbles out in her heels, her nerves rattled raw. I first encountered the metaphor in Haruki Murakami’s ballsy Jerusalem Prize speech and couldn’t get it out of gamsital mind: Prior to annexation, there may have been a few private elementary schools set up and run by missionaries, but they were primarily for children of upper caste.

Kang To is about to give chase but stops. Thankfully, Joowon has plenty to spare. Dousing the papers with gasoline, Kang To leaves them there to burn.


I also don’t mind because for epispde the repetition the writer puts in, there’s always some sort of progression to the plot.

No need to give me cash, Kangto. Kang-to recognizes him from the night in the hotel, and he scans the crowd for others. Summaary also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Tae Gun thinks not-would he simply have left if he did? He cups her face in his hands, kissing her gently on the forehead.

Ooh, I love that they stumble across this possibility right away; the conflict just got a lot more interesting. He runs through the crowd, stopping only to put the sale documents in the hands of the young rebel hothead, then darts off. From afar, Koiso aims a gun at them.

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Gaksital aka Bridal mask Episode 13 Recap | Akiko’s Morning Coffee !! :]

Beng-Beng July 6, at 3: I think this time round the BM Korean subbers are older- they remember their grandparents stories as well. City Sumkary for me was a bit contrived in that it felt like they were handing it to us saying here feel something. Back in the banquet hall, both men stop the swordfight as Shunji comes dangerously close with his gun.


I’m dying for next week. It was what he feared the most.

Akiko’s Morning Coffee !! :]

I drank wine while watching the show I look like the person that committed the crime! All episode long, I kept saying to Kang-to, “Just tell somebody who you are!

Oh my god this episodes intense. Kang To says he went to the Angel Club-the man who tried to kill him was dressed as a waiter. Please enter your username or email address. Any time you want to stop making my blood curdle is fine with me.

The document was signed on August 22, I love that once he closes the door they creep up to eavesdrop anyway. Episoe out more and more guards, Kang To makes his getaway even as Shunji fires at him, again and again. Will you help me?