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It is learned that Yuki is a delusional school girl, believing that everything is normal and her classmates and teachers are alive and well at first. Havent read the manga but will def give it a go. In reality, she and the other members of the School Living Club are the only survivors of their school following a zombie outbreak. February 19, [35]. August 10, [20]. Retrieved September 18, Retrieved September 24,

Pre-BD sales of volume 1 has been steadily decent for 2 weeks now, but we’ll have to wait and see next week with how much that’s held up. I hope season 2 if it gets announced will clarify this. As the girls set off on their “graduation trip”, another girl elsewhere comes across one of their letters. Honestly, I didn’t even think the manga was that great until near the end of the first major arc the last 2 or 3 episodes when Yuuri finally broke down. It’s not possible to transcribe everything from one format to the other. Quote chaining and quote towers removed. The characters, especially fucking Yuki and that damn dog Taroumaru, were pretty lame and difficult to like, though Kurumi was pretty awesome.

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Retrieved July 9, They really didn’t adapt any of the helicopter mini-arc, huh? Overall I think they made to much focus on Taromaru but I’m satisfied with this adaptation. Disappointing changes here and there but when you sit and think about It, they aimed for continuity gkkou a more cohesive story, and for every change they added something new and exciting.


The dog is fucking cancer, everything felt less impactful compared to the manga, still upset that Mii-kun is a total different person in the animethe zombies were awkward and peisode and I hated the original anime scenes.

Film Casts ‘Last Idol’ Group”.

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With Reddif help, they find a hidden safe containing an emergency manual, which reveals the school was involved with a biological weapon and was constructed as a safe house in reddkt event of an outbreak. Over there, I’m everywhere. There are several unresolved plot points, such as their school. For those out of the loop, chapter 39 has been translated and type-setted by myself, head onto reddit. As the others are forced to barricade the door from approaching zombies, Kurumi is attacked by her zombified upperclassman and is forced to kill him in front of Yuki.

Heroines Infinite Duelwhich was released in December Retrieved 16 July I was happy with the resolution. March 21, [31]. At first the SOL comedy parts annoyed me, until I warmed up to the cast halfway through the show. I believe they did an excellent job with this series and will definitely watch if it gets a 2nd season.

Glad Kurumi got rescued in time. The post-credits scene hints a possible season two with Touko one of the university girls picking up the letter.

Though Gakkou Gurashi was a pretty obscure manga until its anime announcement, after the airing of the first episode the manga volume sales increased 10 times shown bellow. Going through what should’ve been a normal day of school, Megumi helps Yuki with a make-up test while giving Kurumi some love advice. In any case i didn’t expect the world but i still think they could have done better as mentioned in previous episode threads the plot was pretty much wasted.


Uploaded by Miki Dong. And i think there was way more potential in this anime. Retrieved from ” https: Back in the present, gurasji Yuki’s delusion starts to show signs of cracking, Miki grows concerned that letting things continue this way is doing Yuki more harm than good. Retrieved October 21, I hope season 2 if it gets announced will clarify this.

As the girls set off on their gurasi trip”, another girl elsewhere comes across one of their letters. Hoping for a season two.

Gakkougurashi! Episode 12 Discussion

Retrieved June 22, The anime failed to capture her emotions nearly as well as its source did, which is a big problem for me. First enjoyment then sadness then enjoyment again. A live-action film adaptation will be released in January 25, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

Asked by the others to play along with this act, Miki reluctantly takes part in a sports meet with everyone, where she learns a little about how Yuki’s way of thinking helps everyone.

This entry contains spoilers from the series. Not as good as it could have been if they did something totally horrifying such as killing off most of the cast, but it was good enough that I know I’ll want to see it again at some point.